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Edwards, Richard, born 18-02-1885 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was appointed to the United States Naval Academy in 1903. He was commissioned ensign on 13-09-1908 and through subsequent advancement attained the rank of admiral, to date from 13-04-1945, and was transferred to the retired list of the U.S. Navy in that rank on 01-07-1947. During World War I, he served as engineer officer on board USS Kentuc, then as gunnery officer on board USS Kansas and USS Arkansas. During World War II he served as Deputy Chief of Staff and Aide to the Commander in Chief, United States Fleet and then Deputy Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations. The Atlantic Fleet was established by President Franklin Roosevelt and (see Roosevelt Jr.)
    in 1906, at the same time as the Pacific Fleet. the fleet was to be under the command of a full Admiral, which jumped the fleet’s commander Ernst Joseph King from a two-star to a four-star. For his World War II service, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. He subsequently served as Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Commander, Western Sea Frontier, and Commander, Pacific Reserve Fleet.

Death and burial ground of Edwards, Richard Stanilaus.

 He died at the Naval Hospital, Oakland, California, 02-06-1956, at the age of 71. Edwards is buried with his wife Hallie, born Ninan, who died age 75 in 1959,  on Arlington National cemetery, in Section 30. In Section 30 also the graves of theLieutenant General, Commander of the 26th Infantry Division, Willard Paul, Major General, Chief Signal Officer, George Back, Major General, Commander 116th and 29th Division, D-Day, Charles Canham, Lieutenant General, Commanded the 5th Marine Division, Thomas Bourke, Lieutenant General, Commander 2nd Armoured Division, Ted Brooks
    and Admiral, Robert Ghormley, Infantry Major General, Commander 24thInfantry Division, Kenneth Cramer, Major General, Commander 9th Infantry Division, Louis Craig, Air Force Lieutenant General, Commander 12th and 15th U.S. Air Force, Ira Eaker, Navy Admiral, Okinawa Campain, Louis Denfeld, Secretary of the Navy in 1944, James Forrestal and General, Deputy Chief of Staff, Bomb on Hiroshima, Thomas Handy, 1* Brigadier General, assistant Commanding General 85th Division, nicknamed “Custer”  . Through the campaign, the division suffered some 7.268 casualties with 1,717 killed In action. Three soldiers from this division earned the Medal of Honor. Also buried in this section, Lee Saunders Gerow and 1* General Lieutenant, Commanding Officer Artillery, 11th Airborne Division, Francis William Farrell. Also a remembrance stone for the, age 44, missing in action Brigadier General, Charles Keerans the assistant commander of the 82nd Airborne Division under General Matthew Bunker Ridgway.


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