Mellethin, Horst Alexander Alfred Paul von.

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Mellethin, Horst Alexander Alfred Paul von, born 31-07-1898 in Hanover, into a military family; his father Paul Henning von Mellenthin was a Oberst of Artillery who would be killed in action in 1918, with the Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 6 near Tournai/Belgium. His mother was Orlinda Emilie Alwine, born von Waldenburg. Mellethin’s younger brother, Friedrich Wilhelm Mellethin here with General von Strachwitz 

  became a WWII Panzer Generalmajor and died very old age 92. on 20-06-1897, in Johannesburg, South Africa. His youngest brother was Friedrich Wilhelm von Mellenthin a German General Staff officer of the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht, most recently Major General in World War II as well as businessman, founder and director of a South African airline, from 1961 to 1969 director general of Deutsche Lufthansa for Africa and military history author. Friedrich Wilhelm died age 92 on 28-06-1997 in Johannesburg. Leutnant von Mellenthin married his fiancée Rosemarie von Rosenberg-Lipinsky, daughter of Oberst a. D. Ernst von Rosenberg-Lipinsky. The marriage resulted in three children: Paul Henning Ernst Alexander von Mellenthin (11-09-1928 in Potsdam) Died 12-09-1959 in Heidelberg Yvonne Freiin von Baillou (born June 1935) Annemarie Orlinda von Mellenthin (born 09-10-1933 in Berlin) Ingeborg von Mellenthin (born 13-01-1935 in Potsdam) Died 1960 and Steffen Freiherr von Ascheberg (1925-1998).

A participant in most of the major campaigns of the war, Horst became known afterwards for his memoirs Panzer Battles, first published in 1956 and reprinted several times since then. Horst entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker in the 6th Infantry Regiment on 20-01-1915 as a war volunteer, age 16 and was in the fields of the first war. With the start of World War II he was the Chief of Signal Group in OKW,  to October 1940. He then Oberst, here with General der Panzertruppen Herman Balck became the commander er of the 677th Artillery Regiment to November 1940. Chief of Signal Group OKH until 01-05-1943, as an Oberst and commander of the 67th Infantry Regiment to 01-09-1943 as a Generalmajor, Commander of the 93rd Infantry Regiment to 01-10-1943. Commander of the 205th Infantry Division succeeding Generalmajor Ernst Michael   to 20-10-1944 as Generalleutnant, succeeded by Generalmajor der Infanterie, Ernst Friedrich Biehler    who died very old age 93, on 25-05-1997, in Langensteinbach and replacement commander of the XVI Army Corps until 20-11-1944. General Ernst Michael was killed 22-01-44 near Tuganitzy (area Leningrad), age 46. He then was successively commander of the XXXVIII Panzer Corps to 15-03-1945, commanding General of XI Army Corps , he succeeded General der Infanterie, Rudolf von Bünau

 to 19-03-1945 and Commanding General until his captivity on 08-05-1945 of the VIII Army Corps.

Death and burial ground of Mellethin, Horst Alexander Alfred Paul von.

  Retiring in Wiesbaden, Horst von Mellethin died at the age of 78, on 08-01-1977 and is buried with his wife Rosemarie, born von Rosenberg-Lipinsky, who died at the very old age of 94, on 19-03-2000, on the North Cemetery of Wiesbaden, between many old comrades.


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