Bünau, Rudolf von.

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Bünau, Rudolf von, born on 19-08-1890 in Stuttgart, the son of the royal Württemberg major and district officer Rudolf von Bünau (1850–1898) and Maria Karoline, born Staib (1868–1933), was married with Katharina “Kate”, born Lauffer (1893–1975), since 28-02-1914 married, one and a half year after Adolf Hitler (did you know) was a German General who commanded several Corps during World War II. He entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker in the 1st Württembergisches Grenadier-Regiment “Königin Olga” Nr. 119 , age 19. Deyached to the war school in Hanover and in the field of the first war as a Leutnant and leader of a MG Platoon of the 119th Grenadier Regiment until 07-09-1914. Then leader of a Machine Gun Company in the same regiment to 28-05-1915 and ill in hospital and then in the Replacement Battalion of the 119th, as an Oberleutnant. He ends the war as a Hauptmann and Adjutant in the 407th Infantry Brigade. He remained in the new Reichswehr in between the both wars and promoted to Major on 01-02-1931, Oberstleutnant on 01-07-1934 and Oberst on 01-08-1936 and Instruction Group Director A at the War School in Dresden. With the beginning of WWII, Von Bünau as commander of the 133rd  Infantry Regiment joined the invasion of Poland, and with the same Regiment he was on the Western Front and received the Iron Cross for his bravery in the battle of the Aisne crossing. Commander of the 177th Division to 04-06-1941. Commander of 73rd  Infantry Division File:73rd Infanterie Division Logo.svg, he succeeded General der Infanterie, Bruno Bieler to 07-09-1943, lost his command to Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandant 454th  Sicherungs Division, Johannes Nedtwig and landed in the Führer Reserve. Detached to the Army Group South under Generaloberst der Infanterie, Hans Friessner
  from 01-11-1943 and again in the Reserve to 26-11-1943. Delegated with the leadership of XXXXXVII Panzer Corps to 01-01-1945 and again the Reserve of the OKH , to 01-02-1944. After following a course in Döberitz, he is appointed as leader of the LII Army Corps, where he succeeded General der Infanterie, Erich von Buschenhagen, until 20-03-’44 and of the XI Army Corps where he succeeded General der Artillerie, Kommandeur der 205th Infanterie Division 205th Infanterie Division Logo.svg, Horst Mellethin until 01-05-’44.  The LII. Armeekorps was destroyed during the Jassy–Kishinev Offensive (August 1944). Again in the Reserve to 01-04-’45. He was Kampfkommandant”, local battle commander of the Austrian capitol Vienna in March/April 1945. Von Bünau was awarded the Oak leaves of the Knight’s Cross  on 05-03-1945, by Generalfeldmarschall der Panzertruppe, Walter Model as commanding General of the German 11th Army Korps. He was also awarded both the Kuban  and the Crimea  shields. He was a fighting General and not one of those way behind the lines leaders.
There the ones the troops follow because they want to. His son, who was bearing the same name, was also awarded the Knight’s Cross. Major Rudolf von Bünau,
   here with Generalfeldmarschall der Panzertruppe Walter Model, was KIA on 15-08-1943, age 30, one week after winning the Knight’s Cross, near Roslavl, Russia while serving as commander of the 9th Panzer-Aufklärungsabteilung. As Commanding General of General Command “von Bunau”, he was captured by US Forces on 08-05-1945 and was released two years later on 09-04-1947.

Death and burial ground of Bünau, Rudolf von.

  In January 1962 the former General died, at the age of 71, on 18-01-1962, of his wounds he suffered during a car crash. Because of his “Schnez” affiliation, it is repeatedly assumed that the accident actually constituted an assassination attempt. Von Bünau is buried with his wife Kate, born Lauffer, who died age 82, on 11-02-1976, on the Waldfriedhof in Stuttgart, as some other WWII Generals, Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandeur ConstructietruppenWerner Zech, General der Artillerie, Kommandeur der LI GebirgstruppeFriedrich Hauck and Generalmajor der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur “Kommando von Bünau”, Helmut Laegeler.

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