Nedtwig, Johannes.

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Nedtwig, Johannes, born 07-01-1894 in Gramenz, Pommeria,  entered the Army on 03-08-1914, age 20, as a war volunteer in the 1. Pommersches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr.2. On 18-01-1916 he was promoted, in the Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 36 as Leutnant der Reserve. He became a Leutant in January 1918 in Pommersches Füsilier-Regiment “Königin Viktoria von Schweden” Nr.34. Nedtwig was wounded in the first war, received both the Iron Crosses and retired on 01-01-1921 as an Oberleutnant. He reactivated in the Army on 01-06-1921­ as Leutnant in the Reichswehr. He became a Hauptmann on 01-09-1928 and transferred to the 6th Battery of the 3rd Prussian Artillery Regiment as a tactics teacher in Frankfurt am Oder. This was a precursor of the Tank Troop School and he met there, the later famous, now still Major, Heinz Guderian On 01-08-1938 he was the successor of Oberst Kurt Schmelzer , Schmelzer died age 50, on 04-03-1941 in Zossen, Nedwigh as commander of the 1st Panzer Regiment in Erfurt and led this Regiment in the Poland invasion. Promoted to Oberst on 01-02-1940 he was involved in the Western invasion. He was succeeded by Generalmajor der Panzertruppe, Arthur Kopp  on 26-08-1940 and transferred to the 2nd Army under General Field Marshal der Kavallerie, Maximillian von Weichs He was assigned as commander of the Panzertruppen School in Wünsdorf until January 1943. He lost this command and landed in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) until 01-02-1943. Appointed to commander of the 5th Panzer Division   to replace the sick Generalmajor der Panzertruppe, Eduard Metz  and relieved by General Major der Kavallerie, Ernst Felix Faeckestedt and again in the Führer Reserve. He became the command of the 156th Reserve Division in the region south of Calais, but lost this command of again in September 1944 and again in the Reserve. Assigned as commander of the 73rd Infantry Division , he succeeded General der Infanterie, Rudolf Bunau lost this command to General Dr. Friedrich “Fritz” Franek, Franek on the picture on the right with General Oberst  der Panzertruppe, Oberbefehlhaber Südwest, Heinrich von Vietinghoff, General der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur General XIV Panzer Korps, Fridolin Senger von Etterlin.

  Franek died age 84, on 08-04-1976, in Vienna and again in 1944 in the Reserve. Hedtwig became the commander of the 454th Sicherungs, Security, Division and led the division in the region of Kowel in Russia. His division was destroyed in the Brody pocket and he was taken prisoner by the Russian forces on 22-07-1944, age 50. Many of the Security Divisions were thrown into frontline service during the major Soviet offensives of 1944, such as Operation Bagration, and destroyed in the process. Some were rebuilt as standard infantry divisions due to the chronic manpower shortages of the Wehrmacht in this period. Released in October 1955 by the intervention of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer,


Death and burial ground of Nedtwig, Johannes.

  Nedtwig retired in Langenberg where he at the age of 67 died on 19-11-1963 and is buried with his wife Getrud, on the Communal Cemetery of Velbert-Langenberg.

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