Brühl, Ferdinand.

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Brühl, Ferdinand, born on 09-11-1896 in Eltville, Rhine Region, in a nobel family , only seven months after Adolf Hitler (did you know (see Hitler Paula) (see William Hitler). He entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker, with the 44th Triersche Field Artillery Regiment, on 17-04-1914, age 17, three months before the outbreak of World War I. Transferred to the Regiment Staff of the 44th to 07-02-1915, as a Leutnant. Brühl participated in World War I on the Western Front  as Battery Officer in the 1st Battery of the 44th to 28-01-1916 and Battery Officer in the 5th Battery of the 44th Regiment. Ordinance Officer with the Regiment’s Staff of the 44th Regiment to 27-02-191. Adjutant in the Staff of Artillery Commander 214 until 21-11-1917. Taken ill in hospital and transferred to the Replacement Battalion of the 7th Foot Artillery Battalion to 07-12-1917. He ends the war in the General Command of the VIII Army Corps under command of General Karl Georg Albrecht Ernst von Hake , as 1st Ordinance Officer and was separated from the Army on 30-08-1919. He was accepted again in the fast growing Reichswehr  on 01-10-1934 as a Hauptmann and came to the Artillery Regiment in Münster. With the beginning of WWII he is the commander of the III Battalion of the 26th Artillery Regiment to 01-11-1940. Commander of the 198th of the III Battalion of the 107th Artillery Regiment until 20-06-1941. He then was engaged in the invasion of the Soviet Union from 22-06-1941, with the 198th Artillery Regiment, under General der Infanterie, Martin Gareis
 . Then deployed to Yugoslavia in August 1943. He lands in the Führer Reserve OKH  to 13-08-1944. Delegated with the leadership of the Grenadier Instruction Division to 17-08-1944. Assigned to commander of the 563rd  Volksgrenadier Division in Kurland, from 09-11-1944 to 25-03-1945.  The division was caught in the Kurland Pocket,  and fought there until the end of the war. As commander of Fortress Stettin,   he landed in British captivity on 02-06-1945 and transferred to the Island Farm Special Camp 11
  and released on 19-06-1948.

Death and burial ground of Brühl, Ferdinand.

Ferdinand Brühl lived until his death at the age of 71, on 09-04-1968, in Aschaffenburg. Ferdinand Brühl is buried on the Waldfriedhof of Aschaffenburg with his wife Annemarie Brühl, born Merrem, who died at the very old age of 101, on 18-06-1997.

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