Metzner, Hans.

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Metzner, Hans, born 22-02-1898 in Dessau, Anhalt, entered the Army service as a war volunteer, age 16, on 15-08-1914, as a Fahnenjunker in the 74th Field Artillery Regiment. He was transferred to the Naval Service  and attended Infantry training at the Naval School. He started a pilot training on 16-07-1917, age 19 and retired on 15-11-1919. He reactivated to the Naval service on 10-10-1923 and was transferred to the Luftwaffe RLM on 01-10-1938. At the beginning of World War II he was Group Director L in OKW,  Intelligence Office, until 30-06-1940. General Staff Officer of the Luftwaffe in the Staff of Naval Group Command West, until 30-06-1941. Appointed to Commander of the 41st Flying Training Regiment and Commander of Flying School in Frankfurt an der Oder to 30-09-941. Assigned as Chief of the General Staff of Field Air Region Command Belgium and North France, to September 1944.The history of the Luftgaukommando Belgien-Nordfrankreich, the Luftwaffe unit in charge of Flak defence, early warning, and airfield logistics in Belgium and the north of France, begins as early as 01-06-1940, when it was formed in Brussels from the Luftgaustab zbV 6. At the start, it was commanded by Generalmajor Friedrich “Fritz” Lob, who, hoever, died in an aircraft crash on 24-06-1940. He was briefly succeeded by General Curt Pflugbeil  (24.06.40-20.08.40). Its final commander, General der Flieger Wilhem Wimmer, would command the unit until 06-09-1944, when it was moved to Wiesbaden and renamed Luftgaukommando XIV. The chiefs of staff of the unit were Oberst Heinrich-Sigismund von der Heyde and Oberst Hans Metzner. Hans Metzner was arrested by a Special Court, suspect of involved in the Adolf Hitler’s (did you know bomb attack, but accused on 31-12-1944. General with Special Duties with Air Region Command VIII, in Breslau and Prague to 08-05-1945.

Death and burial ground of Metzner, Hans.

Metzner was also in Allied captivity and released on 01-09-1947 he retired in Reinbek where he at the age of 76 died, on 24-01-1975. He is buried with his wife Anni, born Thiel, who died age 75, in 1975, on the Stadfriedhof of Reinbek. Close by the grave of Vice Admiral, Bernard Rogge

. Kommandeur HSK 2 “Atlantis” (Schiff 16).

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