Metzner, Hans

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Metzner, Hans, born 22-02-1898 in Dessau, Anhalt, entered the Army service as a war volunteer, age 16, on 15-08-1914, as a Fahnenjunker in the 74th Field Artillery Regiment. He was transferred to the Naval Service  and attended Infantry training at the Naval School. He started a pilot training on 16-07-1917, age 19 and retired on 15-11-1919. He reactivated to the Naval service on 10-10-1923 and was transferred to the Luftwaffe RLM on 01-10-1938. At the beginning of World War II he was Group Director L in OKW,  Intelligence Office, until 30-06-1940. General Staff Officer of the Luftwaffe in the Staff of Naval Group Command West, until 30-06-1941. Appointed to Commander of the 41st Flying Training Regiment and Commander of Flying School in Frankfurt an der Oder to 30-09-941. Assigned as Chief of the General Staff of Field Air Region Command Belgium and North France, to September 1944.The history of the Luftgaukommando Belgien-Nordfrankreich, the Luftwaffe unit in charge of Flak defence, early warning, and airfield logistics in Belgium and the north of France, begins as early as 01-06-1940, when it was formed in Brussels from the Luftgaustab zbV 6. At the start, it was commanded by Generalmajor Fritz Lob, who, hoever, died in an aircraft crash on 24-06-1940. He was briefly succeeded by General Curt Pflugbeil  (24.06.40-20.08.40). Its final commander, General der Flieger Wilhem Wimmer, would command the unit until 06-09-1944, when it was moved to Wiesbaden and renamed Luftgaukommando XIV. The chiefs of staff of the unit were Oberst Heinrich-Sigismund von der Heyde (01.06.40-01.10.41) and Oberst Hans Metzner. Hans Metzner was arrested by a Special Court, suspect of involved in the Adolf Hitler’s (did you know bomb attack, but accused on 31-12-1944. General with Special Duties with Air Region Command VIII, in Breslau and Prague to 08-05-1945.

Death and burial ground of Metzner, Hans.

Metzner was also in Allied captivity and released on 01-09-1947 he retired in Reinbek where he at the age of 76 died, on 24-01-1975. He is buried with his wife Anni, born Thiel, who died age 75, in 1975, on the Stadfriedhof of Reinbek. Close by the grave of Vice Admiral, Bernard Rogge

Kommandeur HSK 2 “Atlantis” (Schiff 16).

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