Schweighart, Johannes Hans.

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Schweighart, Johannes Hans, born 12-07-1894 in Allach near Munich, the son of the school teacher Hans Schweighart and his wife Franziska, born. Rentsch. He left the High School because of an illness and joined the Bavarian Army and retired from the Army as a candidate officer in April 1914 and wanted the start his education again. Alas World War I broke out and he instead of studying was on the  battlefields and ended the war as Leutnant of the Reserves. After the war he joined the Freikorps Franz Ritter von Epp and was accepted in the 41st Bavarian Schützenregiment, but was not accepted in the new Reichswehr in 1919. He now joined the Freikorps Bertold,   Bertold was killed by another Freikorps, age 28, on 15-03-1920, Schweighart had to leave this Freikorps because of disagreement with Bertold. He joined the group of the later SA leader, Ernst Röhm

 temporary. On 06-10-1920 he murdered the nineteen years old servant girl Maria Sandmayer  while she wanted to treat a hidden weapon depot to the commissioner of the Reich, the so called Fememurder, a group fanatic who murdered for political reasons. He succeeded to keep out of the hands of the Munich Police by escaping to Austria. One year later in December 1921 he was captured in Innsbrück, Austria, but he was not trailed and released on 22-12-1922. With the help of Röhm and von Epp he got a job as forester with the Duke Wilhelm Ludwig   the Tegernsee, where he worked only a few hours a day and was sponsored by political like minded. He was imprisoned again on 11-07-1924 but was again not persecuted, suspected of a new murder on the SPD Political Karl Gareis,  on 09-06-1921, age 31, and was imprisoned for an investigation. Again released because of no prove and disappeared a few years. Then in 1931 he joined the SA Fighting Troops of the NSDAP Party  where he as friend of Röhm made a fast career.  He becomes a Adjutant of the SA in 1933 and he entered the Staff of his old friend von Epp, who was now the Reichs Stadtholder of Munich. On 15-12-1933 he changed to the Staff of Ernst Röhm.

Death and burial ground of Schweighart, Johannes Hans.

   On the morning of 30-06-1934 Röhm and several members of his Staff (see Heines) were captured in Bad Wiessee under suspicion of a Putz, a coup d’etat, a false pretext, some were shot at once and the rest imprisoned in the Stadelheim prison. Röhm was allowed a suicide but didn’t want that, he was shot by SS Obergruppenführer, Totenkopf” Division, Theodore Eicke and SS Standartenführer Michael Lippert  here with in the middle SS Obergruppenführer Ernst Wilhelm Bohle, in his cell. Lippert, who was interviewed in the original cell, died age 72, on 01-09-1969 in Wuppertal.and Bohle died 09-11-1960 age 57, in Düsseldorf

 Schweighart, age 40 and other were brought to the concentration camp of Dachau and the next morning on 01-07-1934 executed by a SS execution commando, not knowing the real truce and some died with a “Heil Hitler” exclamation. The Night of the Long Knives between 30 June and 2 July 1934 saw the killing of approximately 82 SA men, including almost its entire leadership, effectively ending the power of the SA. Schweighart is buried in a family grave with the family Licht and Winterle on the West cemetery in Munich. Close by the grave of his commander Ernst Röhm and the graves of Adolf Hitler’s pilot, SS Obergruppenführer, Hans Baur and Generalleutnant der Wehrmacht,Inspecteur der FahrtruppenRudolf Trauch.

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