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Gareis, Martin, born 06-10-1891, in Buch near Berlin, entered the Army Service on 21-12-1909, age 18, as a Fähnrich in the 4th Brandenburgisches Infanterie-Regiment “Großherzog Friedrich Franz II von Mecklenburg-Schwerin” Nr. 24.   As a Leutnant in the  Machine Gun Company of the 4th Regiment, he came in the fields of the first war and was soon wounded in hospital . He ended the war with both the Iron Crosses  and as an adjutant of the 12th Infantry Brigade.

He retained in the new Reichswehr and with the outbreak of World War II he was the commander of the 282nd Infantry Regiment. With this Regiment he came on the Western Front and in 1941 on the Eastern Front. He was awarded  with the German Cross in Gold  on 18-10-1941 and was assigned with the command of the 98th Infantry Division   where he succeeded General Erich Schröck , until 31-12-1941. The 98th Infantry Division was created on 18-09-1939 in Gräfenwöhr. It was destroyed on the Crimea in May 1944 and reformed on 05-06-1944.

Gareis was promoted to Generalmajor in February 1942 and Generalleutnant on 01-03-1943. He was announced in the Army reports, he under the command of General Hasso von Manteuffel  in the battles of Kiev and on the Krim, distinguished himself.

He received the Iron Cross on 29-11-1943, lost his command on 01-04-1944 and landed in the Führer Reserve.  He got the command of the 264th Infantry Division  succeeding General Otto Lüdecke , but again in the Reserve on 09-10-1944.  Ludecke survived the war and died 14-02-1971 (aged 75)

Gareis then became commander of the XXXXVI Panzer Corps and became a General of the Infantry on 01-04-1945. He landed in British captivity on 02-05-1945 and was the Communication Officer between Bernard “Monty” Montgomery    and the POW camps in England.

Death and burial ground of Gareis, Martin.

  Gareis was released in the summer of 1947 and lived in Kreuth, Bavaria. Martin Gareis died at the old age of 84, on 20-02-1976 and is buried on the Ringfriedhof of Kreuth.


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