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Brown, Frederick Joseph, born on 09-07-1905 in Britton South Dakota, the son of Frederic Jacob Brown (1870–1954) and Adah Eunice (James) Brown (1874–1963). Frederick attended the schools of Britton, and graduated from Britton High School in 1923 was commissioned a field artillery officer from the U.S. Military Academy . In World War II, he served as the 3rd Armoured Division File:3rd US Armored Division SSI.svg , DIVARTY Commander on the European battlefields. Its role in Italy cost Fifth Army , under command of General Clark, Mark Wayne “Contraband”  dearly. It suffered 109.642 casualties in 602 days of combat. 19.475 were killed in action. Brown served with in WWII from 1941 to 1945, including 3rd Division Artillery Commander both in stateside & England training and during nine months of combat in France, Belgium, and Germany. Then Colonel Brown was arguably second only to Major General, Maurice Rose in leading to the success of the 3rd in its aggressive European drive against Germany. General Rose died in a ambush, shoot through the head.
          Brown’s son Frederic “Rick” Brown Jr was a Cold War veteran of the Division whose father with the same name was 3rd Armored Division Artillery Commander in WWII. His awards included two Distinguished Service Medals, two Silver Star Medals, two Legions of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, and the Air Medal.

Death and burial ground of Brown, Frederick Joseph.

 Lieutenant General Frederic Joseph Brown died at the old age of 85, on 13-03-1971 in Washington, DC. He is buried on the Arlington National Cemetery in Section 5, with his wife Kathryn R Brown, who died age 85 on 17-11-1988 and close to the grave of General Frank Andrews. Close by in Section 5 the graves of General, Provost Marshal, Headquarters, IX Corps , William Abendroth, Clifton Cates, Navy Admiral, Commander Tenth Naval District, John “Johnny” HooverAdmiral USA Navy, US 7th Fleet , Thomas Kinkaid. Also buried Major General, Commanding General of the Tenth Air Force Clayton Lawrence Bissel.

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