Klüver, Max.

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Klüver, Max, born, 22-04-1909 in Hamburg. The single student trainee Klüver joined the NSDAP on 01-05-1933 (no,3,038,163). From 1928 to 1930 Max was a member of the NS student union and from April 1933 of the NS teacher union. He was also a member of the Hitler youth since 1933 (full-time Hitler Youth leader until 1937), since May 1937 an educator, then a school leader at the Adolf Hitler School Mecklenburg (Heiligendamm), which, like all other schools, has a temporary home in the Ordensburg Krössinsee   Edward, the Duke of Windsor on a visit to the Ordensburg Krössinsee 1937, together with Robert Ley, head of the German Labour Front, on the left in a white coat. And from 1940 in the Ordensburg Sonthofen (Oberallgäu) had found, where Klüver was head of the educator academy. When he went to the Eastern Front with the “Greater Germany” Division in 1941, Dr. Otto Wilhelm von Vacano is the acting head of the educator academy. Max Klüver married his fiancé Ingeborg in 1939, and depending on the source, two or five children arose from the marriage. Klüver was Hitler Jugend Oberbannführer since November 1939 and Hauptbannführer since November 1943. During World War II, Klüver was platoon and company commander as well as battalion and finally commander of the officer candidate school of the “Grossdeutschland” Division, under command of Oberstleutnant Wilhelm-Hunold von Stockhausen, inspector of the army officer candidate and reserve officer candidate courses, most recently commander of the tank grenadier regiment “Kurmark” (on 05-02-1945 in the area south of Herzershof on the Oder front) in the final battle for Germany. Oberstleutnant Wilhelm-Hunold von Stockhausen survived the war and died 22-05-1954, age 62, in Koblenz.

Max Klüver was a German sociologist with a doctorate, HJ-Führer (most recently HJ-Hauptbannführer), educator, educator from 1937 to 1941, later school leader of an AHS, at the same time head of the Educational Academy of the Adolf Hitler Schools (AHS) and reserve officer of the Wehrmacht, most recently Oberstleutnant of the Army Reserve and Knight’s Cross during World War II, as well as businessman, entrepreneur, historian, military scientist and celebrated non-fiction author in the post-war period.

After the war and being a prisoner of war, Klüver was a teacher, studied a second time, did his doctorate and set up a foreign language institute together with his wife (this is probably the “Foreign Language Institute Colón”, founded in 1952 and registered in the commercial register since 1956) and had his own publishing house for a while in the 1980s, where new editions of his books were published, e. B. “The Adolf Hitler Schools – A Correction”, originally published in 1979 by Askania-Verlag  Dr. Klüver, who was on friendly terms with Ernst Nolte, was among others. Member of the OdR  Most recently, he lived for many years (at least since the early 1980s) in Plön in Schleswig-Holstein.

Death and burial ground of Klüver, Max.

Oberstleutnant, graduate sociologist and senior lecturer i. R. Dr. rer. pole. Max Klüver died on New Year’s Eve 31-12-1998 and rests in the Hamburg-Ohlsdorf cemetery at the foot of the family grave with his father E. W. Max Klüver, who died in the First World War in May 1917, and his mother Hulda, born Röhlke. His faithful wife Ingeborg (1910–2005) has been resting at his side since 2005.

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