Both, Hans Kuno Paul Hermann Victor Ludwig.

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Both, Kuno-Hans,  born on 09-04-1884, in Sabern, Elsass descend from a Mecklenburg old noble family. He was the son of the Oberstleutnant Alexander von Both (1842–1905). He became a General of the Infantry in the Wehrmacht during World War II and a recipient of both the Pour le Mérite and the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross . Both as a Fahnenjuncker, entered the Army in the 89th Großherzoglich-Mecklenburgischen Grenadier-Regiment, on 24-04-1903, age 19. From 01-11-1903 until 25-07-1904 Both was ordered to the military school of Glogau. And was subsequently promoted to Leutenant on 18-08-1904. From 01-10-1912 he was deployed as adjutant and legal officer of the 2nd battalion of his regiment. On 18-08-1913 Both was promoted to Oberleutnant. He is one the Western Front during the whole war, is wounded one time and ends the war as an Adjutant.
After the end of the war, Both joined the reserve battalion of the Grenadier-Regiments Nr. 89. On 06-01-1919 he took over command of this unit for a month. From May 1919 he was subsequently leader of the von Both Free Corps. He was subsequently included in the Reichswehr as company commander in the 17th Infantry Regiment. From October 1920, he was assigned to the 6th Infantry Regiment for two years. This was followed by his five-year transfer to the staff of the 4th Division in Dresden. On 01-02-1927 Both was promoted to Major. From 01-10-1927 to 01-02-1930 he was assigned to the staff of the Artillery Führers IV . Both worked until 01-10-1931 as a teacher and training officer at the Infantry School in Dresden. On 01-02-1931 he was promoted to Oberstleutnant. From 01-10-1931 to 01-02-1934 he commanded the 2nd Battalion of the 5th Prussian Infantry Regiment in Neuruppin. He was promoted to Oberst on 12-12-1933. As Oberst, he was commander of the 6th Infantry Regiment in Lübeck until 06-10-1936. On 01-101-1937 Both was promoted to Generalmajor. After his promotion to Generalleutnant from 01-10-1938, he worked until 10-11-1938 as commander of the Kriegsschule (military school) in Hanover.
As commander of the 21st Infantry Division, File:21st Infanterie Division Logo.svg succeeding Generalleutnant Albert Wodrig , Wodrig survived the war and died 31-10-1972, aged 89 in Bad Oeynhausen. Both participated in the Poland Invasion and the following year’s invasion of France. The 21st Infantry Division was formed in 1934 in Elbing, East Prussia, by expanding the 3rd Prussian Infantry Regiment of the 1st Division of the old Reichswehr. For the next four years, it fought on the Eastern Front, largely as part of Army Group North, under General Field Marshal Wilhelm Freiherr von Leeb, assigned to Eighteenth Army, under General Field Marshal Georg von Küchler
 . He succeeded General der Artillerie, Albert Wodrig.  DeutschesKreuzinGold.jpg Wodrig died old age 89, on 22-05-1955 in Bad Oeynhausen. After an appendicitis operation, Both with his division is involved in the Invasion of Russia and awarded with the Iron Cross, on 09-07-1941. General der Kavallerie, Georg Lindemann   ordered von Both to recover and Both returns to his division in 1942. He is assigned to Commanding General of the Sicherungs-Truppen and commander of the Army Region “Nord” following the command of “Ost-Ungarn” from 01-04-1944. Both lands in the Führer Reserve  OKH  and is from 01-07-1944 commander of Nord Rumania. He became the commander of Wehrkreis I and on 01-11-1944 he gave up command and again in the Führer Reserve until his capture in Vienna, by the Allied Forces. The areas of the state of East Prussia with the headquarters in Königsberg were assigned to Wehrkreis I. His son Hans-Kuno, a Hauptmann and Company Chief of the 89th Mecklenburg Grenadier Regiment, was killed in action, age 23 on 23-06-1944, near Kamenka, Russia. From 02-05-1945 to 17-04-1947 Both was a prisoner of war.

Death and burial ground of Both, Hans Kuno Paul Hermann Victor Ludwig.

    Living in Ehlen, Kuno Both died age 71, on 22-05-1971 and is buried with his wife Ilse, born von Ditfurth, who died very old age 97, on 26-02-1991, on the Military Cemetery of Kassel with several other WWII, Generalmajor der Pionere, Commander of the Senior Construction Staff 14, Friedrich Borchers Generalmajor der Infanterie, Commander of the Troop Exercise, Friedrich von Both Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur vom WBK Königsberg II, Rudolf Scheller, Generalmajor der Panzertruppe, Commander of the 92nd Panzer Grenadier Regiment, Werner von Hillebrandt, Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kommandeur Feld Material, Hans Hederich, Generalmajor der Artillerie, Commander 12th Artillery Replacement Battalion, Detlev Rüdelsdorff General der Infantrie, Kommandeur der XXIX Heeres Korps, Kurt Röpke  Generalstabarzt, Kommandeur der IX Heeres Korps, Alexander Remus, General der Infanterie, Commander Army Corps A, Karl von Roques  and Generalleutnant der Artillerie, Commander North East France, Dyon, Wilhelm Hederich.

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