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Boehringer, Gustav, born 07-07-1892 in Strassbourg, Elsass, son of Oberst Theodor Boerhringer, died 1937 and Helene von Mühlen, died 1974, entered, age 16, the Army on 24-03-1909, as a Fähnrich in the 13th Pioneer Battalion. He participated in World War I and was already wounded in August 1914 . One of the “lucky” who remained in the new Reichswehr  between the both wars. Boehringer was promoted to Oberst on 01-01-1938. At the beginning of World War II, he was the Chief of the Department for Pioneers and Fortresses of the OKH . Promoted to Generalmajor on 01-02-1942 and to Generalleutnant on 01-01-1944.  From 18-07-19841 until 20-08-1842, he was the commander of 11th Army Pioneer Regiment. Following Pioneer General of Army Group A to 22-05-1943. His son Jagdflieger Wilfried Boehringer was killed in 1944, age 21.  He overtook the command as Pioneer General of Pioneer Group South, North Ukraine, until his captivity on 08-05-1945. Like most he was released in 1947 and lived in Stuttgart as different other as Generalmajor der Infanterie, adjudant of Erwin Rommel, Hans Speidel,  General der Infanterie, Kommandeur der Wehrmachtwaffe, OKW, Walter Buhle, who was wounded on 20-07-1944 in the Wolfschanze. The 20 July treaten at the Bendlerblock in Berlin was saved by Major Otto Ernst
Remer  commander of the Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland  who refused to arrest Joseph Goebbels after talking to Hitler in the Wolfschanze by phone.
     General der Artillerie, Commandeur 212th Infantry Division, Hans Endres, General der Panzertruppe, High Commander of Wehrkreis V, Rudolf Veiel and General der Infanterie, Kommandeur Division Staff 600, Hubert Lendle. His son, Wilfried, was a fighter pilot, who crashed in 1944, at the age of 21.

Death and burial ground of Boehringer, Gustav.

High decorated, Gustav Boehringer died at the old age of 81, on 20-02-1974 and is buried with his wife Ilse, born Winke, who died age 83, in 1982, with his “comrades” on the Prager Cemetery of Stuttgart. Close by Boehringer’s grave is also the grave of Graf Zeppelin, the builder of the airships. Graf Ferdinand Zeppelin.
   and Generalmajor der Artillerie, Kommandeur Ersatz V Heergruppe, Kurt Adam.


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