Bădulescu, Mircea T “Gicu”.

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Bădulescu, Mircea T “Gicu”, born 01-11-1917, in Buzau/Wallachia, Romania. Mircea attended the Boys’ Primary School, the current “Căpitan Aviator Mircea T. Bădulescu” secondary school in his hometown. On 01-09-1939, after a physical and theoretical exam, he entered the King Carol II Military School of Aviation Officers in Cotroceni-Bucharest. On 10-05-1941 he was promoted to the rank of aviator sub-lieutenant.

After undergoing flight training at Ghimbav-Brașov, he was certified as an observation pilot on the IAR 38 aircraft on 10–1941 and was declared fit to perform war missions. to 23-08-1942 he received his baptism of fire as a pilot on an IAR 37 aircraft, in the Battle of Stalingrad. He carried out 78 observation and mainly bombing missions. to 06-06-1943 was certified as a pilot on the JU 87-STUKAS dive bomber aircraft, according to minutes No. 13. With this aircraft, slt. avg. (from  23-03-1944, lt. av.) Mircea T. Bădulescu served missions as patrol commander and after 23-08-1944 as squadron commander.

Captain Aviator. Rez Constantin (Bazu) Cantacuzino,leutnant Mircea T. Badulescu, gl. from squadron Traian Burduloiu, commander of the 1st Romanian Air Corps (from left to right) on the Western Front, Lucenec (Slovakia) April 1945.

Captain Aviator. Rez Constantin (Bazu) Cantacuzino, leutnant. Mircea T. Badulescu, from squadron Traian Burduloiu, commander of the 1st Romanian Air Corps   on the Western Front, Lucenec (Slovakia) April 1945. Mircea carried out about 230 dive bombing missions. On the day of 29-08-1944, 3 carried out bombing and ground attack missions against German convoys on the Danube, destroying two ships and damaging a third. to 12-09-1944, set on fire on return from mission, crash-landed and succeeded in rescuing his crew. During September 22–October 10, 1944 and on the day of 15-10-1944, fighting in Transylvania, enemy tanks attacked and destroyed two tanks on level 443. Between December 20 and 25, 1944, the stations and trains bombed in Filakowo-Lucenec-Poltar.

Lieutenant Airman Mircea T. Bădulescu voluntarily left 13-01-1945, led seven STUKAS aircraft to bomb the main bridge in Budapest, accurately hitting the ordered target. Sburatorii Romaniai Magazine No. On February 1–March 1945, he lavished praise on the Romanian pilots led by Lieutenant Mircea T. Bădulescu, appreciating the sacrificial mission from Budapest as “the most beautiful act of our air war” in World War II. His wartime activities place him among the aces of the Royal Romanian Air Force,  which explains his award with the highest order of aviation, the Aeronautical Virtue,  Commander Class, an order only two other fighter pilots received: captain aviator Constantin Bazu Cantacuzino and adjutant Ionian martyr. by King Mihai

adorned him with the “Mihai the Brave” Order with swords  . Ioan Eftimopol, the commander of the 8th Assault Picaj Group, in the note accompanying the award, commended him for “courage, disinterestedness and self-sacrifice, audacity, endowed with chosen military qualities, […] a sublime example of sacrifice, of bravery” , and Anton Mărășescu, the fighter aviation commander, commended him “…by his qualities he has made a great contribution to raising the glory of Romanian aviation” .

The communist regime transferred him to the reservation in 1951 with the rank of pilot captain. Mircea T. Bădulescu, after many wanderings in search of work, is forced to work as a farm laborer . He attended the courses of the Faculty of Agricultural Economics at ISEP (ASE) and attained management positions at the GOSTAT Trust of the Agricultural Directorate of Prahova County.

Death and burial ground of Bădulescu, Mircea T “Gicu”.

On 19-06-1967, Mircea T. Bădulescu, age 49, died in a traffic accident. On a business trip in the municipality of Nucet (Dâmbovița), together with four other colleagues and the driver of the GOSTAT Ploiești Trust, the IMS car they were in was hit by a train on a level crossing with the railway, without a barrier.

Bădulescu, Mircea T “Gicu”. is buried at the Ghencea Cemetery, Bucarest, Romania.

My friend Vlad Daniel from Pitesti (Argeș county) in Romania was so kind to sent me the grave photo’s with thanks.

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