Weise, Hubert.

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Weise, Hubert
Weise, Hubert, born 22-12-1884 in Erfurt, joined he Kaiserliche Army, on 27-09-1904, age 19 and came with the artillery forces. After the beginning of the first war he was assigned as a Oberleutnant with the 1. Westfälischen Feldartillerie-Regiments Nr. 7  in September 1914. He was wounded severely  and out of business for months. Promoted, on 27-01-1915, to Hauptmann he was temporary a Battery Chief and Staff Officer. After the war he as many desperate old warriors joined the Freikorps  and was allowed in the new Reichswehr  in 1920, age 35. He started as a Company leader until 1927, transferred to the Reichswehrministerium  were he was promoted to Major. In 1931 he became the commander of the Transport Department 3, which was changed into the Flakabteilung, anti aircraft department, in 1934. Weise was appointed as Chief of Staff with the Inspector of the Flakartillerie and the Air Defence, Generaloberst der Flakartillerie, Gunther Rüdel,
 joined in this position the new formed Luftwaffe. In the autumn of 1935 he was assigned as commander of the Flakartillerie in Air Region II, Luftgau II, with the rank of Generalmajor in August 1936. Weise was again promoted on 01-04-1938 as Commanding General of Air Region III in Berlin, Josef Goebbels  (did you know) was the Gauleiter of Berlin, with the rank of Generalleutnant.
 Generaloberst_Hubert_Weise    Soon after the beginning of World War II, in October 1939 he was promoted to General of the Flakartillerie and transferred as leader of the 1st Anti Air Defence Corps. With this corps he was involved in the Western War in 1940 under the Heeresgruppe A, and the task to take the river Maas bridges. For his leading he was promoted to Generaloberst in july 1940 and received the Ritterkreuz of the Iron Cross. Huber Weise became in March 1940 the command of the Luftwaffenbefehlshaber Mitte, responsibly for the air defend of Denmark. After the great success of the Allied bombers, he was criticized and released by Generaloberst der Artillerie, Kommandeur der Luftflotte 5, Hans Jurgen Stumpff
   in January 1944. The rest of the war gave him some different insignificant tasks and he waited for orders of Hermann Goering
       (see Leutnant Peter Goering) .

Death and burial ground of Weise, Hubert.

    Weise landed in Allied captivity from 1945 until 1947 and after the war lived in Bad Kohlgrub. Weise died there at the age of 65, on 14-02-1950 and is buried with his wife Anni, born Vorwald, who died age 78, on 25-04-1971, on the St. Rochus Cemetery of Bad Kohlgrub.

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