Vogel, Emil Wilhelm.

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Vogel, Emil Wilhelm, born 20-07-1894 in Zwickau joined the Army Service on 03-08-1914, age 20 as a Fahnenjunker with the Replacement -Battalion of the 2nd Königlich Bayerisches Pionier-Battalion . With this battalion he was involved in the first war on the Flanders battlefields  and on 02-06-1915 promoted to Leutnant. He was the Platoon leader in his battalion and poisoned by a gas attack in the spring of 1916 and recovered he was transferred to the Eastern Front in Rumania. In the autumn of 1917 he as a Adjutant returned to the Western front and was awarded with both the Iron Crosses  and some other decorations. After the war he as many other disappointed soldiers joined the Freikorps “Munich” and “von Epp” (see von Epp) and allowed in the new Reichswehr as a Leutnant with the Reichswehr-Schützen-Regiment 42. In the spring of 1922 Emil Vogel married and  on 01-10-1922 he was assigned as the Regiments adjutant of the 19th Bavarian Infantry-Regiment in Münich. Promoted to Oberleutnant and from 01-10-1924 appointed as MG Officer in the Regiment staff of the 19th Infantry Regiment. Promoted to Hauptmann on 01-04-1928 and from 01-10-1928 transferred to the Reichs Archives in Berlin. From 01-02-1931 until 01-10-1933 he was the Chief of the 11 Company with the 19th Infantry Regiment in Lindau am Bodensee. With the enlargement of the Reichswehr by Adolf Hitler, Vogel was transferred to the General Staff of the Command in Regensburg and on 01-11-1934 promoted to Major. Transferred to the General Staff of the 10th Infantry Division  under command of Generalleutnant Alfred Waeger and now promoted to Oberstleutnant on 01-08-1937. Transferred to the General Staff of the VII Army Corps, under command of the then General of the Artillery Walter von Reichenau

   from 12-10-1937. With the VII Corps he was involved in the invasion of Poland and awarded with claps of the Iron Cross. Promoted to Oberst on 01-12-1939 and from 01-05-1940 as Chief of the General Staff with the General Command of the 1st Army Corps  in Königsberg, under General Wilhelm Ulex  who died age 78 on 26-06-1959 in Bremen. Assigned as Chief of the General Staff in the new XX Army Corps on 25-10-1940, under General der Infanterie Friedrich Materna   who died age 61 on 11-11-1946, in Vienna. With this corps he joined the Eastern battles in Mid Russia in the summer of 1941 and he received the German Cross in Gold on 25-04-1942. He lost his position on 20-06-1942 and landed in the Führer Reserve until 01-09-1942 as he was appointed with the command of the 101st Jäger Division  in Kaukasaus, where he succeeded Generalleutnant Erich Diestel.   Diestel died old age 80 on 03-08-1973 in Bad Wiessee. Promoted to Major General on 01-10-1942 and to Generalleutnant on 01-04-1943 and awarded with the Knight Cross of the Iron Cross on  07-08-1943 for his excellent leading and reported in the Wehrmacht messages. Awarded with the Eichenlaub of the Iron Cross  on 14-05-1944. He lost the command of the 101 Jäger Division on 12-07-1944 to Generalleutnant Dr. Walter Assmann and again in the Führer Reserve. Appointed on 10-08-1944 as commander of the XXXVI Mountain Corps and on 09-11-1944 assigned as General of the Mountain Troops. He landed in British captivity at the end of the war and released in December 1947.

Death and burial ground of Vogel, Emil Wilhelm.

 Living in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Emil Vogel died old age 91 on 01-10-1985 and is buried with his wife Julie, who died age 78 in 1976, on the cemetery of Speldorf, a suburb of Mülheim, Section 12. 

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