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Ziervogel, Max, born 03-03-1893 in Luisenthal, near Saarbrücken, entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker in the 25th Infantry Regiment, on 21-03-1914, age 21. During the first war he was a Platoon and Company leader and wounded in hospital from November 1914 until May 1915. He ended the war in British captivity, released on 01-11-1919 and retired of the Army on 15-02-1920. He entered Hermann Goering’s
  (did you know) growing Luftwaffe  on 01-07-1934 and after a flying training, he was detached to the Air War Academy. With the outbreak of World War II, Ziervogel was the Chief Staff of Air Region Command VI until 20-12-1939. Following Chief of Staff of Air Region Command XIII, to 30-06-1940 and Command XII/XIII, to 31-10-1942. From then he was Chief of Staff of Wehrmacht Command Bohemia and Moravia until his captivity by the Soviet Forces, then Czech on 06-05-1945. Transferred to the Czech and released on 27-02-1954, nine years later.

Death and burial ground of Ziervogel, Max.

Living in Gräfeling, near Munich, Max Ziervogel died at the age of 79, on 20-10-1972 and is buried with his wife, Lelia, who died old age 96, on 30-06-2000, on the Stadtfriedhof of Gräfeling. They had one son Oberst Alexander Ziervogel, born 09-09-1932 and who died age 75 on 06-09-2007.
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