Smith, Albert Cowper

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Smith, Albert Cowper
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Smith, Albert Cowper, born 06-06-1894 in Virginia became the Commanding Officer of the 37th Armoured Division in 1942. and following in 1942 until 1944 the Commanding Officer of Combat Command A of the 14th Armoured Division in North Europe. Assigned as Commanding General of the 14th Armoured Division, nickname  “Liberators”  from July 1944, where he succeeded . Vernon Edwin `Prich` Prichard . Smith succeeded Leland Stanford Hobbs as Commanding General of the 30th Infantry Division, nickname “Old Hickory”   in September 1945 until 1946. The 30th Infantry Division was involved in the Battle of Normandy, the Mortain Counter-offensive, the Battle of the Bulge, the Battle of Aachen and for the rest of the war. The Division took 3.848 prisoners and suffered 8.954 casualties in 282 days of combat. Smith was the Chief of Military History from 1953 until 1955 and retired.

Death and burial ground of Smith, Albert Cowper.

Albert Smith died age 79 on 24-01-1974 of kidney failure at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.and is buried with his wife Mary, born Gorman, who died old age 90 on 02-02-1987 on the Arlington National Cemetery, Section 4.


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