Rieckhoff, Herbert Joachim.

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Rieckhoff, Herbert Joachim, born 25-12-1898 in Berlin, Gauleiter in Berlin was Josef Goebbels (did you know), entered the Army Service on 11-01-1915, age 16, with the 1st Replacement Battalion Sea, in Kiel. Herbert was in the fields of the first war with different regiments and with the 69th Infantry Regiment wounded  in hospital from 15-05-1916 to 07-09-1916 and 17-02-1917 until 16-03-1917. He started a pilot training  on 20-11-1917, ended the war as an observer with the Flying Battalion A 229, in the rank of Leutnant, retired from the Service on 31-03-1920 and joined the Police Service. He was reactivated in the growing, Hermann Goering’s (did you know), Luftwaffe   and with the outbreak of World War II he was as an Oberst the Commodore of Bomber Wing 30, until 20-05-1940. Commodore of Bomber Wing 2 until 12-05-1941 and Chief of the General Staff of Air Fleet 1, until 23-02-1943. Flying One Leader to 18-01-1944 and commander of Air War Academy, Berlin Gatow to 20-09-1944.

From Airport Gatow High Commander of the Luftwaffe after Goering, Robert Ritter von Greim

    and Flyer Ace, Hanna Reitsch  started to visit  Adolf Hitler

   (did you know) in the Berlin Bunker, to take over the lead of the Luftwaffe. Rieckhoff was Commanding General and Commander of Air Region V in Stuttgart, until 02-04-1944 and landed in the Führer Reserve, as a Generalleutnant. The youngest Generalleutnant in WWII with 36, was Theodor Tolsdorff 

Death and burial ground of Rieckhoff, Herbert Joachim.

Oberst Herbert Rieckhoff.jpg Herbert Rieckhoff  was, as most Generals in captivity, from 08-05-1945 and released on 05-03-1948 Rieckhoff lived in Esslingen, where he the same year, at the age of 49 died, on 30-11-1948. He is buried on the cemetery of Eberhalden, in Esslingen, Feld 10-Row 5-Grab 6.

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  1. Gary Charalambos Lambrides


    I think I have a copy of his signature on an official document from Chania, Crete 1943 if you are interested.

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