Rauch, Hans.

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Rauch, Hans, born 01-03-1899, ten years after Adolf Hitler (did you know), in Rothwasser, District Görlitz, entered the Naval Service for training at the Naval School Mürwick

    and on board of the School Ship “Freya” on 03-10-1916, age 17. He was a Seekadett on board of the Liner ”Schlesien” until 14-08-1917. He ended the war as an Oberfähnrich zur See and on granted leave until 31-12-1918. He volunteered with the 1st Naval Brigade von Rhoden and remained with the Naval until 01-12-1934 and was then transferred to the Luftwaffe of Hermann Goering (did you know), as a Fliegerkommandant and Supplement Officer. He was the Battery Chief of different Flak Regiments and became the adviser with Air Region Command XI in Hanover, until 30-04-1939. With the outbreak of World War II he was delegated with the leadership of the II Battalion of the 4th Flak Regiment until March 1941 as an Oberstleutnant. The IV Flak Corps was formed in July 1944 and supported Army Group G, under Generaloberst Johannes Albrecht Blaskowitz on the Western Front until it surrendered in May 1945. Army Group G surrendered to U.S. forces at Haar, in Bavaria, in Germany on 05-05-1945. The surrendered to the The 6th United States Army Group under command of General Jacob Louks. Devers

The 6th Army Group later advanced through Bavaria, and eventually into western Austria in the waning days of the war. Elements of Sixth Army Group linked up south of the Brenner Pass on 04-05-1945 with troops of the Fifth United States Army of the Allied 15th Army Group advancing north from Italy. The Fifth Army under command of under the command of Lieutenant General Mark Wayne Clark As an Oberst commander of the 31st Flak Regiment to May 1942. Taken ill he landed in the Führer Reserve  to October 1942 and recovered assigned as commander of the 41st Motorized Flak Regiment , until the end of the war, 08-05-1945 as a Generalmajor.

Death and burial ground of Rauch, Hans.

Rauch landed in Soviet captivity on 08-05-1945 and released on 07-08-1949, age 50. He retired in Traben-Trarbach where he at the young age of 59 died on 22-08-1958. Rauch is buried with his wife Jutta, born von Frydag, who died old age 91, on 13-01-2000, on the Stadtfriedhof of Trarbach, in the family grave of Spier. On the Stadfriedhof of Traben is buried, Generalmajor der Flakartillerie, Commander of 21th Flak Division in Darmstadt, Ernst Buffa.


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