Chuikov, Vasilii Ivanovich, “The Man of Iron Will”.

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Chuikov, Vasilii Ivanovich, born 12-02-1900 in Serebryaniye Prudy, the son of peasants and Vasilii earned his living as a factory worker from the age of 12. He was the eighth of twelve children and the fifth of eight sons. All the boys would go into the army. Vasilii exemplified all the traits of the typical Russian soldier, dedicated, courageous, tough and determined. He was renowned for his explosive outburst of temper, but also had a robust sense of humour. In 1917, during the Civil War, he joined the Red Guards, training as a combat engineer. In early 1918, he was enrolled on a junior instructors course and then joined the Southern Front as an assistant Company commander in the 1st Ukrainian Brigade 1-а танкова бригада.jpg , twice earning the award, Order of the Red Banner . At the end of 1939 he took the command of 4th Army, which was involved in the liberation of eastern Poland. Chuikov was promoted to Lieutenant General in June 1940.
However in December of the same year he was dispatched to China as a military attache, where he remained in the wilderness, until March 1942 when he was recalled to Moscow.   wwii0264 On the 12-09-1942 Chuikov was appointed commander of 62nd Army by Nikita Chruschtschow.  The later informed him that the Germans were prepared to take Stalingrad at any cost, there could be no surrender and there was nowhere to retreat to. Then he asked ‘Comrade Chuikov, how do you interpret you’re task?’ Chuikov answered ‘We will defend the city, or die in the attempt! The Russian forces managed to halt the German offensive and could break out, a turn point in the battles. He was awarded with his first title Hero of the Soviet Union Een na-oorlogs versiersel for the heroism and courage he had shown in the Battles following Stalingrad. On the 02-05-1945, Chuikov’s HQ accepted the surrender of the Berlin Garrison on behalf of the Red Army High Command. In April 1945 he was awarded his second title Hero of the Soviet Union  for the heroism and courage he had shown during the capture of Berlin.

Death and burial ground of Chuikov, Vasilii Ivanovich.


In his native village, Vasily Ivanovich met Valentina Petrovna Pavlova, who a year later became his wife. The marriage was successful and long. Vasily Ivanovich and Valentina Petrovna Chuikov tied their destinies for life.

Vasilii Ivanovich Chuikov died 18-03-1982, following a brief illness, at the age of 82 and was buried with full military honours at a special memorial site in Volgograd, the renamed Stalingrad. Volvograd Mamayev Kurgan Memorial.

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