Quaet-Faslem, Klaus.

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Quaet-Faslem, Klaus.
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Quaet-Faslem, Klaus, born 05-09-1913 in the city of Kiel met the beginning of World War II as part of l. (J) / Lehrgeschwader 2, under command of Major Hanns Trübenbach,  operating three fighter, night fighter, reconnaissance and ground support Gruppen (groups). The German pilot won his first victory on 04-09-1939, having shot down the Polish light bomber PZL P.24. Then on the evening of September 9, he achieved a second success, having shot down another plane of the same type. After the end of the Polish campaign, Queta Faslema was sent as an instructor to JFS 1. On 10-10-1940, he was appointed adjutant III./JG53, “Pik As” with the rank of leutnant, under command of Major Hans-Jürgen von Cramon-Taubadel, .Von Cramon-Taubadel survived the war and died 06-11-1985, age 83.

Since 06-22-1941, the group participated in battles on the Eastern Front. Already on the evening of the same day, Quaeat Faslem shot down two Soviet fighters in one takeoff. Then, until August 4, he chalked up two R-5, DB-3 and I-16 biplanes. In the fall, the group was recalled to Germany, and then sent to Sicily. On October 24, Quaet Faslem achieved a new success, knocking down Spitfire. On November 21, he led 2./Jagdgeschwader 53. A month later, on December 22, he won the tenth victory, knocking down the Hurricane over Malta. Then in February – April 1942 he shot down two twin-engine “Beauforts” over the Mediterranean Sea.

In May, J ./Jagdgeschwader 53  was again sent to the Eastern Front to support the Wehrmacht’s summer offensive. The Quaet-Faslem score began to grow. On the morning of July 8, having shot down two IL-2s, he overcame the milestone of 20 victories. However, then on July 22, his Bf-109G-6 W.Nr.15243 was hit in battle. The pilot was injured, but was able to make an emergency landing. After the cure, Quaet Faslem continued to fly, and in the evening of August 8 he reached the bar of 30 victories, knocking down IL-2 and Yer-2 in one flight. On August 19, the German ace exceeded the milestone of 40 victories, knocking down LaGG-3 and IL-2. On the same day, Hauptmann Quaet Faslem was appointed commander of I./JG3, succeeding Hauptmann Georg Michalek . Michalek survived the war and died 02-09-1992, age 79, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Until the end of the year, Klaus chalked up another five Soviet aircraft, and the total number of his victories reached 46. On October 29, he was awarded the German Cross in Gold. In February 1943, the group was recalled to Germany and included in the Reich air defense. In July – August, Quaet Faslem shot down two B-17s.

Death and burial ground of Quaet-Faslem, Klaus.

On 04-01-1944, he intercepted and shot down west of Amben, France, the British Mosquito – this was his 49th and last victory. On January 30, his Bf-109G-6, returning at a low altitude after an attack by American bombers, crashed into the slope of Mount Elmberg, near the town of Langeleben, and Major Klaus Quaet-Faslem, age 30, died. Then, on June 9 of the same year, he was posthumously awarded the Knight’s Cross and awarded the rank of Oberst Lieutenant.

Klaus Quaet-Faslem, is buried in the honor section of the cemetery in Mönchengladbach-Holt.



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