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Prinz, Otto, born 04-07-1893 in Ernstweiler, Zweibrücken, joined the Army as a Fahnenjunker, age 20, with the 160th Infantry Regiment on 13-03-1914. He ended the war as an Oberleutnant, retired on 30-09-1920 and reactivated in the Army Service on 01-01-1924, Transferred to the Luftwaffe  on 01-05-1934 and became an Oberstleutnant in 1938. With the outbreak of World War II he was a Liaison Officer of OKW  to the Reichs Postal Ministry until 26-02-1940. Higher Wehrmacht Signals Leader in Sofia, to 19-06-1942 and Higher Signals Leader of the Luftwaffe Mission, Rumania until 31-01-1943. Special Purpose High Signal Leader with Army High Command 12 then with the commander South East to 14-03-1943, as an Oberst. Air Signal Telephone Inspector of the Luftwaffe  to 28-06-1943. Signal Leader with Air Region Command XXXIX in Athens, then with the Luftwaffe Staff Greece, to 31-07-1943. Signal Leader with X Flying Corps, as a Generalmajor now and landed, on 21-03-1944 in the Führer Reserve and at the same time placed to the disposal of the Air Region Command VI to 21-04-1944. The Führerreserve  (“Officers Reserve”) was set up in 1939 as a pool of temporarily unoccupied high military officers waiting for new assignments in the German Armed Forces during World War II. The various military branches and army groups each had their own pool which they could use as they saw fit. The officers were required to remain at their assigned stations and be available to their superiors, but could not exercise any command function, which was equivalent to a temporary retirement while retaining their previous income. Especially in the second half of the war, more and more politically problematic, troublesome, or militarily incompetent officers were assigned to the Führer Reserve. Otto Prinz was Signal Leader with Air Region Command VI, in Münster, until 14-01-1944. General with Special Duties and Inspector of Wehrmacht Signals Commanders in OKW with Communications Affairs. He landed in US captivity on 03-05-1945 and released on 12-05-1947,

Death and burial ground of Prinz, Otto.

Otto Prinz retired in Friedberg where he at the old age of 84 died, on 09-08-1977, He is buried with his wife Wilma, born Lang, on the Hauptfriedhof of Friedberg. Close by the graves of Generalleutnant der Infanterie. Kommandeur der 160th Panzer Division, Friedrich “Fritz” Hofmann    and Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Carl Schultze-Rhonhof 


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