Poske, Hans Georg Friedrich “Fritz”.

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Poske, Hans Georg Friedrich "Fritz"
Kapitän zur See

Poske, Hans Georg Friedrich “Fritz”, born 31-10-1904 Schöneberg, Berlin, the son of Friedrich Wilhelm Paul, Poske and Marianne Auguste, began his naval career in April 1923. Later Hans served on the torpedo boat Albatros and on the light cruisers Königsberg and Nürnberg. In October 1940 he transferred to the U-boat force. Other famous U boat aces were, U-boat commander, U-99, Otto Kretschmer Kommandeur U-515, Werner Henke , Werner Henke (13-05-1909 – 15-06-1944, age 35) was the commander of U-515 in the Battle of the Atlantic of World War II. U-515 was sunk by the US task group 22.3, commanded by Daniel Vincent Gallery    on 09-04-1944 and Henke was captured along with about 40 of his crew. He was shot and killed while attempting to escape from the POW interrogation center in Fort Hunt, Virginia in the United States.

Kapitänleutnant, U Boat-Waffe, Kapitän U 521, Klaus Bargsten  Fregattenkapitän, U-Boot U 37, Victor Oehrn After the usual training Poske commissioned the Type IXC boat U-504 in July 1941. He was one of the few commanders who took over a combat boat without any U-boat experience as a WO or commander-in-training. His second patrol proved successful as he sank four ships for a total of 26,561 tons. But he also scored on his next two patrols, sinking 11 additional ships.On the 25-01-1942, U-504  left Lorient under his command and after nine and a half weeks arrived at return on 01-04-1942. Hans-Georg Friedrich Poske hit four ships on this patrol, one was from convoy OS-20. On 22-02-1942 he sank the American 5.287 ton Republic. On 23-02-1942 he sank the American 10.227 ton WD Anderson. On 26-02-1942 he sank the Dutch 8.245 ton Mamura.  On 16-03-1942 he sank the British 2.802 ton Manaqui, sailing with convoy OS-20. U-504 departed again under Hans-Georg Friedrich Poske from Lorient on 02-05-1942 and arrived at return on 07-07-1942 after nine and a half weeks. Hans-Georg Friedrich Poske hit six ships on this patrol. On 29-05-1942 he sank the British 1.597 ton Allister. On 08-06-1942 he sank the British 1.512 ton Rosenborg. On 08-06-1942 he sank the 3.901 ton Tela. On 11-01-1942 he sank the Dutch 4.282 ton Crijnssen. On 11-06-1942 he sank the American 4.846 ton American. On 14-06-1942 he sank the 3.280 ton Regent. The U-504 was sunken by the British with depth bombs on 31-07-1943, at 15.43 in the north of the Atlantic Ocean and disappeared to the bottom with 53 men and Korvettenkapitän Wilhelm Luis,who succeeded Poske on the U-504.Korvettenkapitän Poske left the boat in January 1943 and became the commander of the 1st ULD (1. Unterseeboots- Lehrdivision). The last months of the war he was Chief of the Special Staff for Marine Infantry. After the war he spent 11 months in British captivity. In 1951 he rejoined the German Navy, retiring in 1963 as Kapitän zur See.

Death and burial ground of Poske, Hans Georg Friedrich “Fritz”.

 download (4)   Living in Wachtberg-Niederbachem Poske died at the age of 79, on 01-10-1984 and is buried with his wife Paula, born Böring, who died age 74, on 08-12-1983, on the local cemetery of Wachtberg-Niederbachem.

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