Bakker, Theodorus “Dirk”.

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Bakker, Theodorus “Dirk”, born 21-08-1899, in Heiloo, North Holland   to Anthonius Bakker and Grietje Jonker. Married on 05-05-1925 in Limmen (NH) to Wilhelmina Engelina Daans. From this marriage born 4 daughters and 2 sons. Dirk had a transport company in Heiloo at Westerweg C 199, corner of Zeeweg. The photo shows the fleet from before the war. On the left the home of the Bakker family.

Before the war Dirk Bakker had a thriving transport company with a large number of cars on the road. In the mobilization of 1939 – 1940, the company contributed to the construction of the nearby Bergen Airport. Soon after the occupation of our country started, it was difficult for Dirk to keep his company going, on the one hand because the Germans were making more and more progress on his lorries, on the other hand because the work came to a standstill. At the beginning of the war, Bakker’s cars with drivers were still working near Vilvoorde in Belgium, but eventually all Bakker’s cars were confiscated by the Germans. The confiscated equipment was used by the Germans for work within the framework of the “Organization Todt” , under minister for armament and munitions Fritz Todt

for the construction of the so-called. “Atlantic Wall”. A small amount of compensation was paid for each car seized. The result of that progress was that Dirk was left without work and income. In order to earn something, he has engaged in real estate trading, a kind of brokerage and besides that he has bought a piece of land and a number of cows. that purchase had to be done in someone else’s name, he was not a cattle farmer, so he was not allowed to do it himself. In winter the cows were allowed in the stable in the farm at neighbor Thijs Maat, next to his transport company. The cows gave the family at least something to eat and drink. Cheese was also made. After all the trucks had been confiscated, Dirk’s garage was subsequently requisitioned in November 1943. The Germans have stabled horses in the garage, some of the guides also slept there. The horses were used for all kinds of transport purposes because as the war lasted, the Germans also had less and less fuel. Dirk Bakker was a member of the resistance. In addition to being an active member of the KP Alkmaar/Heiloo, there were also regular people in hiding in the Bakker house and he also provided voucher cards for people in hiding. The leader of the KP Alkmaar/Heiloo, Fritz Gerhard Marie Conijn, regularly visited Dirk to discuss matters.There were also staff members of Dirk’s former transport company active in the resistance. On 06-09-1944 Fritz Conijn was killed together with two friends of the resistance in Camp Vught on this fussilade place. .

Death and burial ground of Bakker, Theodorus “Dirk”

Due to the betrayal of a Dutch SD agent, SD agents are at Bakker’s door late in the evening of 01-09-1944. They force. Dirk to accompany him to his office and order him to open the cellar under the office. Documents were present in the basement, including large numbers of voucher cards, which made it clear that Dirk was involved in the resistance. Dirk was shot on the spot……Truus de Vries-Bakker, then 16 years old, daughter of Dirk …told,

In the middle of the night I was awakened by voices downstairs. German voices. Moments later, the Germans came up, probably to check who was above. My parents slept downstairs. Everyone was asleep, I also kept sleeping, then they went downstairs and I heard them talking loudly again. A moment later they went out the front door to the office behind the garage and took my father with them.I wanted to go downstairs, but there was a soldier downstairs with a revolver, so I had to stay upstairs. Shortly afterwards I heard shooting and I flew down anyway, with my sister. After that I heard at least two cars drive away in great haste ……Dirk was seriously injured and transferred to the Sint Elisabeth Hospital in Alkmaar, after doctor Hoolwerff and sister Kaandorp had provided first aid. The next day, Sunday 03-09-1944, Dirk Bakker, age 45,in Alkmaar died of his injuries. Dirk has found his final resting place, with his wife Wilhelmina who died old age 93, on 25-09-1992, at the Roman Catholic Cemetery of Sint Willebrordus in Heiloo, Netherlands..




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