Ites, Otto Christian.

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Ites, Otto Christian,born on 05-02-1918 in Norden in the Province of Hanover a Free State of Prussia, joined the military service of the Kriegsmarine on 03-04-1936. From 03-4-1938 until 02-10-1939, he served on the torpedo boats Kondor and Albatros in the 4th and 6th Torpedo Boat Flotilla.

Ites served as second watch officer on nine war patrols on U-48, the first five patrols under the command of Herbert Emil Schultze, two patrols under Hans-Rudolf Rösing and two patrols under Heinrich Bleichrodt. Promoted to Oberleutnant zur See on 1 October 1940 and he was made first watch officer on U-48. In this position he went on one more patrol (10 November 1940 – 13 March 1941), U-48 now again under the command of Schultze.Hans-Rudolf Rösing (28–09-1905 / 16-12-2004) was a German U-boat commander in World War II and later served in the Bundesmarine of the Federal Republic of Germany. U boat commander Heinrich Bleichrodt.also survived the war and died 09-01-1977 (aged 67) in Munich.

Otto Ites commanded U-146 and U-94, sinking fifteen ships on seven patrols, for a total of 76,882 gross register tons (GRT) tons of Allied shipping. In September 1941 the Pegasus was torpedoed and all the crew managed to scramble into two lifeboats. One of the lifeboats was rescued but the other was found empty and upside down. The Captain reported that the Pegasus was torpedoed twice, the first one caused quite a lot of damage and the crew left the ship, but then she was torpedoed again and she sank. On 28-08-1942 U-94, now under command of Kapitänleutnant Herbert Kuppisch. was sunk by depth charges in the Caribbean Sea, in position 17°40′N 74°30′W from a Catalina of VP-92 and by the Canadian corvette Oakville. Ites and 25 of his crew were taken prisoner of war. Ites remained in US captivity at Camp Crossville, Tennessee, until 01-05-1946.

Death and burial ground of Ites, Otto Christian.


After the war Otto Ites matriculated at the University of Bonn in the winter semester 1946/47. He submitted his dissertation on 20-10-1950 at the medical faculty. Ites joined the military service of the Bundesmarine and as Fregattenkapitän commanded the destroyer Zerstörer 2 (D171), formerly USS Ringgold (DD-500), from November 1960 until September 1962. His twin brother, Oberleutnant zur See Rudolf Ites, commander of U-709, was killed in action on 01-03-1944. U-709 was sunk by depth charges from the US destroyer escorts USS Thomas, Bostwick and Bronstein north of the Azores at 49°10′N 26°00′W.

Otto Christian Ites died on 02-02-1982, age 63, in Norden / Ostfriesland, Germany.and is buried at the New Friedhof/cemetery in Norden.

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