Kühne, Fritz.

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Kühne, Fritz, born 14-06-1883 in Neukirch, District Breslau, as the son of a manor owner, Kühne attended the cadet institution Wahlstatt and Groß-Lichterfelde from 1899 to 1903 and joined the Army in the 3rd Eisenbahn Regiment. On 01-10-1910 he was ordered to the Prussian War Academy  and came in the Staff on 01-04-1914. Appointed as commander of the 1st Battalion of the 143rd Infantry Regiment in 1914 and on the Flandern Front and returned home disappointed on 01-12-1918. He got the command of the 26th Infantry Division on 07-03-1936 and was involved in the Rheinland invasion. Kühne retired on 31-10-1938. With the outbreak of World War II and the invasion of Poland he was reactivated with the command of the 253rd Infantry Division, but lost this command to General der Infanterie. Otto Schellert    on 07-03-1941. The campaigns of the 253rd Infanterie Division: Built on 26-08-1939 in Westphalia, Attached to Armee-Gruppe A in Sep 39. Campaign of France: Huy, Charleroi (Belgium), Lille, Chlons-sur-Marne, Vitry, Brienne, Bar-sur-Aube. Stationed in France til 1941. Attached to II. Armee Korps, 16. Armee for Barbarossa , Memel, Kowno, Nevel, Velikie-Luki, March on Moscow, Kalinin. Surrounded south of lake Ladoga, the Divisions escaped after heavy losses. Takes part in every battles of the central front til 1943 (9.Armee) except Kursk because at the time the division is part of the 4.Armee reserve. Grenadier.Regiment.473 is disbanded 17-04-1943 and rebuilt 01-10-1944. After Kursk the unit retreat through the Don, north of Ukraine and Poland, Silesia and ends the war east of Prague (Deutsch-Brod sector)

Kühne then leaded the 526th Infantry Division, succeeding Generalleutnant Günther Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord until 15-03-1944 and lost this last command on 30-06-1944. Kühne, age 61, wouldn’t get a command anymore. His wife, Hildegard, born Mehlhausen, died during the war, age 48 on 13-01-1942.

Death and burial ground of Kühne, Fritz.


Retiring in Düsseldorf he died at the old age of 89, on 05-04-1972 and is buried with his wife Hildegard, born Mehhausen, who died age 48, on 13-01-1942, on the Nordfriedhof of Düsseldorf. Close by to the graves of WWII “famous” Otto Dietrich Hitler’s Press Chief, sculptor Arno Breker  Diplomat in Paris Ernst vom Rath the killed German diplomat in Paris by the Jewish guy Grynspan, Generalleutnant der Fallschirmjäger, Richard Schimpf and the commander of concentration camp Westerbork, Albert Konrad Gemmeker,

  (see Anne Frank).  


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