Heyde, Heinrich-Sigismund von der.

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Heyde, Heinrich-Sigismund von der, born 14-02-1896 in Königsberg the son of Oberst Robert Heinrich Sigismund Gustav von der Heyde (1866–1928) and his wife Jenny, born Haugwitz, who was married on 12-07-1892 (born 28-07-1874 in Tilsit). His grandfather was Generalmajor Paul Heinrich Sigismund August von der Heyde  (1836–1910). His father had three brothers and three sisters. Uncle Paul Heinrich Sigismund Adrian von der Heyde (1862–1946) was Generalleutnant and Knight of Honor of the Order of St. John, Uncle Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Sigismund von der Heyde (born 03-03-1867 in Königsberg; he died 05-01-1918) was Oberst and Uncle Hans Wolf Berthold Heinrich Sigismund von der Heyde (1871-1919) was a major. Generalmajor Hermann Heinrich Sigismund von der Heyde (1857–1942) was a cousin of his father.

Heinrich-Sigismund joined the 8th East Prussian Infantry Regiment No. 45 on 01-08-1914.. In January 1915, possibly after being wounded, he was assigned to the replacement regiment “Königsberg” No. 3 and then sent to the observer course. From 18-10-1916 he served in the field pilot department 58 (FFA 58) and from 20-01-1917 in the field pilot department 27 (FFA 27). From 10-09-1918 he served in the Field Aviation Department 303 (FFA 303) stationed in Palestine. After the November Revolution he was interned by the Turks on 17-11-1918 and did not return to his homeland until 03-04-1919. After his return he was assigned to the Neuruppin airfield and was given leave of absence. From August 09-08 to 22-10-1919 he was adjutant to the fortress commander Koenigsberg-Süd. From 23-10-1919 he was company commander in Reichswehr-Schützen-Regiment 1 and from 20-11-1919 to 28-01-1920 battalion adjutant of the regiment. On 29-01-1920 he joined the organizational staff of the East Prussian Security Police as a police leutnant and was released from the Provisional Reichswehr on 28-02-1920. On 09-04-1920 he was later given the character of Oberleutnant in the army. In 1920 he served as a platoon leader in the Bartenstein Police Department, and from January 1921 to March 1923 he was a command officer in the police force in Braunschweig.

From 29-03-1923 he was a trainer at the police school in Greater Berlin, then on 11-08-1925 at the Treptow police school on Rega, where he was the headmaster’s adjutant from 01-01-1926. On 22-05-1929 he became chief of police section 36 Gelsenkirchen. From January 01 to 30-04-1933 he was trained at the Charlottenburg Police Institute. He then served until 30-04-1935 at the Reich and Prussian Ministry of the Interior. On 01-05-1935 he was accepted into the army and served as Second General Staff Officer (Ib) with the staff of Infantry Leader IV under Generalmajor Paul Otto.   Generalmajor Otto survived the war and died age 79 on 14-01-1961 in Schliersee.

On 15-10-1935, when the Wehrmacht was exposed, Heinrich-Sigismund joined theLuftwaffe and received observer training from 15-10-1935 to 30-6-1936 with the Faßberg Fliegergruppe, then the Tutow Fliegergruppe and finally at the Luftgau School II in Berlin -Gatow.  From 01-07-1936, he was an observer in I. Gruppe / Kampfgeschwader 253, under command of Oberst Helmuth Förster  (19-04-1889 – 07-04-1965) , and from 07-08-1936, he was deputy squadron adjutant. From October 1 to 30-11-1936, he was Ia of the Kampfgruppe 253, and from  01-12-1936, he was assigned to the Air Technology Academy for a year. On 01-01-1938, he became a consultant in the II. Department / General Staff of the Luftwaffe, and on 20-04-1938 he was transferred to the General Staff of Luftgau Command VIII in Breslau. On 05-10-1939, he was transferred to the General Staff of the Luftgau Command XII in Wiesbaden and then on 24-05-1940 to the General Staff of the Luftgau Command Belgium-Northern France. On 04-03-1942 he was appointed head of the replenishment office at the General Aircraft Master’s and on 01-10-1942, as the successor to General of the Luftwaffe Carl August Freiherr von Gablenz, he was appointed head of the planning office C L / A in the RLM. After his death, Oberst Ullrich Diesing took over the post in March 1944.

Death and burial ground of Generalmajor Heinrich-Sigismund von der Heyde.

Generalmajor Heinrich-Sigismund von der Heyde, promoted to Generalmajor on 01-10-1942, died on 04-02-1944 in the hospital in Bad Kudowa (Silesia), whether from an injury or from an illness is unknown. His grave, like all of the hospital, was desecrated and leveled by the Russians after the invasion of the Red Army. His name is commemorated on the tombstone of his wife Eva on the municipal cemetery in Aurich. Heinrich-Sigismund von der Heyde married Eva, born Misling (1895–1981), one of their children was Dagmar, married Berning (1922–2014), who has been resting next to her mother in the Aurich-Stadt cemetery since her death.

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