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Friedländer Richard, born 15-02-1881 in Berlin to a wealthy Jewish Berlin merchant family. After attending junior and high schools, Richard was employed as a merchant in Brussels. In 1908 he married Auguste Behrend, who was divorced from her first husband in 1904, the building contractor and engineer, Alexander Hubert Theodore Wilhelm Oskar Ritschel and Auguste was the mother of Magda. Friedländer eventually adopted Magda. Some sources, including Hans-Otto Meissner, son of State Secretary, Nazi government under Adolf Hitler..Otto Meissner Meissner died age 73, on 27-05-1953, in Munich, suggest that the marriage took place before her birth, and that she was legitimate, but there is no particular evidence to support this. When Magda was five, her mother sent her to stay with Rietschel in Cologne. Ritschel took her to Brussels, where she was enrolled at the Ursuline Convent in Vilvoorde.  where Magda was remembered as “an active and intelligent little girl”. Further contacts with Ritschel, a member of the Krefeld Masonic Lodge in Duisburg, suggest that Magda may have been introduced there to Buddhism. They remained in Brussels, on cordial terms, until the outbreak of World War I, when all Germans were forced to leave Belgium as refugees, to avoid repercussions from the Belgians after the German invasion. Friedlander was a decorated soldier. They moved to Berlin where Magda attended the high school Kolmorgen Lycée. Auguste Behrend divorced the now impoverished Friedländer in 1914. n 1919, Magda Goebbels was enrolled in the prestigious ‘Tochternheim Holzhausen’ near Goslar.

It was at this time that Magda met and became close to another refugee from Belgium, Lisa Arlosoroff. It is commonly claimed that she later dated Arlosoroff’s brother Haim Arlosoroff. He became a prominent Zionist and was assassinated, shot at the beach, in Palestine in 1933, orders of Goebbels ???.

Günther Quandt (28-07-1881 – 30-12-1954, age 63) was a German industrialist who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana, a car and chemical company, respectively. Between, 1921 and 1929 he was married to Magda Ritschel, later the wife of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. In the 1930s he joined the Nazi Party, becoming one of his strong financial supporters. When Magda became engaged to the wealthy industrialist Günther Quandt, she had to change her surname again, because Quandt’s strict Protestant family would not accept anyone with a Jewish surname. She then adopted the surname of her alleged biological father Ritschel.

His descendants were ranked as the wealthiest Germans by Manager Magazin in 2014. Günther Quandt first married Antonie ‘Toni’ Ewald. They had two sons Helmut Quandt (1908–1927)  and Herbert Quandt. Antonie died of the Spanish flu in 1918 and Helmut died of complications from appendicitis in 1927. His second marriage on 04-01-1921 in Bad Godesberg to Magda Ritschel produced another son, Harald Quandt. Otto Wagener claims that Magda’s marriage to Goebbels was somewhat arranged; since Hitler intended to remain unmarried, it was suggested that as the wife of a leading and highly visible Nazi official she might eventually act as “first lady of the Third Reich”. Magda was half Günther’s age and soon grew frustrated in her marriage; Quandt spent little time with her, as his main interest was the expansion of his business empire. The marriage ended in divorce in 1929. Two years later Magda married Joseph Goebbels with Adolf Hitler as best man.  Harald Quandt survived an aviation accident at Zurich International Airport but died on 22-09-1967, age 45, when another of his aircraft crashed in Cuneo, Italy, one his way from Frankfurt am Main to Nizza in a company plane type” King Air A90″.  The pilot was a replacement new pilot and probably not enough trained for this special aircraft. Problems electromagnetic and the aircraft flew against a mountain.

Towards the end of World War II, as the Russians advanced on Berlin, Magda and her family sat with Adolf Hitler in the Führerbunker. On 01-05-1945, the Goebbels family followed the Führer in death. The six children Helga (1932), Hildegard (1934), Helmut (1935), Holdine (1937), Hedwig (1938) and Heidrun (1940). Each child’s name starts with the letter h, the first letter of Hitler because Hitler was a god to her.  Helmut Gustav Kunz, assistant to the chief physician of the health service, gave the six children a large dose of morphine. Once the children were drugged, Ludwig Stumpfegger, Hitler’s personal physician, broke a hydrocyanic acid capsule into each child’s mouth.Later that evening, Magda and her husband committed suicide in the garden of the Reich Chancellery using a hydrocyanic acid capsule. An SS man had been ordered to shoot two bullets into each body to ensure they were dead. After this, the bodies were burned, but due to the insufficient amount of gasoline, the bodies were still easy to recognize.

Death and burial ground of Friedländer, Richard.

On 15-06-1938, Richard Friedlander was deported to Buchenwald concentration camp

  during June action Aktion Arbeitsscheu Reich Richard was already injured, his daughter Magda did not attempt to help him.

Buchenwald was a concentration camp in Nazi Germany during World War II in a wooded area near the city of Weimar. The camp, almost completely closed off from the outside world, was built in 1937 by SS men and prisoners. Buchenwald was liberated on 11-04-1945 by the Sixth Armored Division (“Super Sixth”)    under command of Lieutenant General George Windle Read Jr.   of the the Third American Army, under commandf of General George Smith “Old Blood and Guts”   

On 04-06-1938, the first public execution in a German concentration camp took place with the hanging of worker Emil Bargatzky in front of the inmates. A thousand Jews were locked up in a sheepfold and in the shell of the yet-to-be-constructed kitchen, without beds, tables or chairs. When the barracks were searched, the entire interior was beaten to pieces by the SS, and straw bags were cut to pieces. During anti-Jewish actions, 9,845 Jews were squeezed into a barbed wire fence and horribly abused. 255 of them did not survive.In 1939, food for the Jews was rationed to 400 grams of bread and a liter of soup per day.

The hard work and catastrophic living conditions led to Friedländer”s death. His death certificate listed the cause of death as “heart muscle failure”  During the existence of the concentration camp, 238,979 people were imprisoned in Buchenwald. Of these, 56,545 died, including 11,000 Jews. The covin with Richard’s body was delevered to the family and he got a anonymously grave at the Jewish cemetery at Weissensee, in Berlin


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