Goebbels Helga, Hitler’s Favorite Girl.

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Goebbels, Helga, born 01-09-1932, in the Villa Bogensee near a small lake near Wandlitz in the German state of Brandenburg, Berlin as one of five Arian girls and one boy, of Paul Joseph Goebbels and his wife “Magda” Goebbels/ Behrend/divorced Quandt, Johanna Maria Magdalena .  all their names starting with letter “H”: Helga, Hedwig, Helmut, Hildegard, Holdine, and Heidrun. Although there is no written evidence of it, historians believe the children were named after Adolf Hitler. Magda already had a son of her first husband Günther Quandt who was 20 years older as her. Harald Quandt was born 01-11-1921, Harald’s parents divorced in 1929. His mother would remarry in 1931 to Joseph Goebbels, who had six children with her. Quandt would grow up with his mother from 1934. He took part in World War II and in 1941 took part in the Landing on Crete, with the famous boxer Max Schmelling.. After World War II, he was the only surviving child of Magda Goebbels. Harald Quandt married Inge Bandekow (1928-1978)

 .  Together they had five children. Quandt completed his studies as a mechanical engineer in 1953. When his father died in 1954, Quandt and his brother Herbert took over the management of the company VARTA and other companies belonging to the Quandt Group. The family also owned shares in Daimler-Benz and BMW. Quandt died at age 45 when his company’s corporate jet crashed into a mountain near Cuneo.

Mother Magda would dress them in fancy clothes and regularly do their hair. They were lovely and well-mannered.

Goebbels’ children were the Führer’s favorite people.   The oldest of them, Helga, was his pet.

   As we can see above, they were big buddies, so she gave him flowers on his birthday.

Helga was a beautiful baby with blue eyes who never cried.   She was a daddy’s girl,  spending more time with him than her mother. Often, the bright daughter would listen to Hitler or her father in amazement as they told her about Nazi propaganda although she couldn’t understand a thing. When Hitler was around, she’d often sit on his lap with “her blue eyes sparkling”, take a walk with him in a park, or they’d drink hot chocolate together. Adolf even made jokes about their closeness:

“If we were the same age, we would make a perfect match.” But Hitler’s deep affection for the girl took its toll.

Other leading Nazis had protected their children by sending them into the mountains or out of the country, but Magda Goebbels decided that she and the children would join her husband to bring their lives to what she called “the only possible and honorable conclusion”.On April 22nd, 1945, the Goebbels family got their children from their home into Hitler’s Vorbunker in Berlin. The Führer moved to the Führerbunker, connected to the first one but a level deeper underground.

The following day the Russian Red Army got into the periphery of Berlin. Joseph Goebbels knew what was coming and didn’t want his kids to fall into the Soviet hands.

A week later, on 30th April 1945, Adolf Hitler, ten days after his 56 birthday, shot himself in the head in the Führerbunker, his since a short time wife Eva Braun, died by biting into a cyanide capsule, the cyanide capsule was already tried out on Hitler’s dog Blondi by SS Obersturmführer, Dr Ludwig Stumpfegger Their corpses were burned in the Bunker garden and half buried. The powerful Nazi snake was finally decapitated. The tail was wiggling but not for long. Buildings in the center of Berlin were now dressed with Soviet flags.

Mrs. Goebbels had already been thinking about murdering her children a month before. She knew how Nazis were cruel to other nations and expected the Allies’ revenge. She saw Hitler’s cruelty toward a Jewish boy with her own eyes.

According to her sister-in-law from her first marriage Ello Quandt, Magda didn’t want to be weak and decided on suicide. She knew if the Allies caught her, she’d have to talk about her husband’s atrocious actions. But if she decided to be quiet, it would go against her conscience, she said. What’s more, Mrs. Goebbles didn’t want her children to hear about their father as one of the greatest German criminals. Other people would detest and humiliate them.

She even refused Albert Speer’s offer to smuggle her kids out of Berlin and said to Hitler’s secretary   Traudl Junge: “I would rather have my children die, than live in disgrace, jeered at. My children stand no chance in Germany after the war”.

When aviator Hanna Reitsch   offered to fly the kids out of the bunker, Magda remained firm. She asked Hanna not to let her back away from killing her kids if she were in two minds.

Death and burial ground of Goebbels, Helga.


Magda Goebbels knew she couldn’t kill the kids above ground because someone would stop her. One day after Hitler committed suicide, she got all of them into the Vorbunker because other people weren’t allowed downstairs.

On the evening of 1st May 1945, Magda dressed the girls in long white nightgowns, gently combed and tied ribbons in their hair.

Some time before, she put young SS dentist Helmut Kunz under pressure to kill the kids. Hitler was already dead and the Soviets were coming! The young man refused at first but in the end injected the kids with morphine in the Vorbunker. Their mother told them they were regular vaccines. According to Kunz’s later testimony, he gave the children morphine injections but it was Magda and SS-Obersturmbannführer Ludwig Stumpfegger, Hitler’s personal doctor, who administered the cyanide.

Magda Goebbels wasn’t able to kill her children alone, so Kunz called Hitler’s physician Ludwig Stumpfegger, who had given them the morphine bottles. Stumpfegger came into the nursery with Magda and gave the kids something “sweetened” to drink. Later, Kunz claimed Magda herself crushed the ampules of cyanide into the children’s mouths. Twelve year old Helga cried and seemed to understand verywell what was going on and struggled as the drink was put in her mouth.

Two hours later by seven o’clock in the evening Mrs. Goebbels came back alone from the front bunker, Magda said it was “all over”.. She was as pale as the brightly lit wall, her face frozen. Her eyes were red, but when she passed me to Goebbels’ front room, she didn’t cry. It wasn’t until she sat there at the table that her body began to tremble slightly. Rochus Misch  the radioman watched her spread and sort playing cards. Rochus Misch, the last Bunker surviver, reminds:

I took my mail. There was plenty to do – Martin Ludwig Bormann was undoubtedly right about that. Call after call came in. About five o’clock in the afternoon Mrs. Goebbels appeared with all six children from the front bunker into the telephone exchange. She put the eldest on the only chair, the smaller ones on the table. Magda Goebbels began to change one child after another in the same long white nightgowns. She herself wore a brown dress with white trim, the shade hardly different from her pale face. All the children were carefully combed and caressed. Twelve year old Helga cried. Mrs. Goebbels spoke quietly and earnestly to the children, but she was very kind to them. I sat with my back to her at my switch panel. I heard her also talk about “Uncle Adolf” as if he were still alive. I saw the children on the table out of the corner of my eye. I tried to focus on my work and kept the headphones on, even if I didn’t have a phone at all. 

I have been fiercely attacked for calling Helga, Hilde, Hellmut, Hedda, Holde and Heide Goebbels victims of the Third Reich. I’ll stick to that. Later, during my captivity, I ran into my RSD comrade SS-Unterscharführer Hans Hofbeck. He said that the bodies of the children were on display somewhere, the Russians had rounded up Berliners and led them along the row of bodies. The Berlin citizens had thrown stones at the corpses and spit on them. I can’t understand that.

At about 9 p.m. Magda and Joseph Goebbels walked to the garden of the Reich Chancellery and killed each other with cyanide. Following Goebbels’ prior order, an SS soldier shot him several times after they took the poison. Goebbels didn’t move.

The couple’s bodies were then doused with petrol and left to burn. The bodies of the children remained in the  Führerbunker and were found by the Russian soldiers in their bedroom, dressed in their nightclothes, with ribbons tied in the girls’ hair…

The bodies van Hitler, Eva Braun, the Goebbels family

  and from Generals Hans Krebs and Wilhelm Emanuel Burgdorf, who both committed suicde in the Bunker, were then buried near the SMERSH headquarters at hospital ground in Buch, near Berlin and later moved to a forest near Rathenow, not far from Stendal, to where the SMERSH unit had been transferred. As the Smersh headquarters were moved to Magdeburg, the bodies were buried behind the headquarters in the Westendstrass No 32, now Klausenerstrasse 23.. under the floor of the garage.

On 04-04-1970, a Soviet KGB team, Wladimir Gumenjuk  Major Sergey Schirikow and Oberst Kawolenko, with detailed burial charts secretly exhumed the wooden boxes.

The remains from the boxes were taken to the vicinity of Schünebeck eleven kilometers away from Magdeburg thoroughly burned on the ground of a military bases with fuel and were mixed together until they turned into uniform mass, after which the ashes were thrown into the nearby river Ehle, a site river of the Elbe, ironical called the Schweinebrücke, Pig Bridge, Magdeburgerstrasse, West of Biederitz.

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