Erdmann, Kurt.

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Erdmann, Kurt, born 23-09-1888 in Insterburg, West Prussia , the son of Prof. Dr. Otto Hugo Gustav Erdmann (born 18-11-1858 in Bielkenfeld, Labiau district, East Prussia) and his wife Theodore Margarethe Anna, born Migeod (born 28-06-1866 in Königsburg). His younger brother was Arthur Gustav Oskar Erich Erdmann (born 29-12-1890). Kurt joined the Army Service on 04-03-1907 in the 15th Foot Artillery Regiment, age 18. He was in the fields of the first war and ended the war as a Hauptmann in the Army General Staff nd the  General Staff of the XXI Army Corps  under command of General der Infanterie Fritz Theodor Carl von Below  . Below died in Weimar on 23-11-1918, age 65, shortly after Germany had signed the armistice. He is buried in the Invalidenfriedhof Cemetery in Berlin.
From mid-September 1919 to January 1920 Erdmann served in the head of security in Hamburg. On 31-01-1920, he was dismissed from military service and changed the following day to the police in Hamburg in the rank of police captain. Already on 04-07-1920 he joined the organization Escherich (Orgesch). In this paramilitary unit under representative of the Bavarian People’s Party Georg Escherich    , Franz Ritter von Epp  and Ernst Julius Röhm  Erdmann was organizer in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lübeck. After the ban on the Orge, he switched to the private sector. There he was first volunteer, later sales representative of the company Klinke & Niemöller in Hamburg. From June 1922 to April 1927 he worked as a department manager at the company Essener Kohlenkontor in Essen. On 01-05-1927 Erdmann was hired as an economic officer at the Wehrkreiskommando VI based in Bochum. He held this position until 31-03-1935. Erdmann was from 01-10-1933 to 05-03-1935 as a Captain L-officer in the Landesschutz and was then promoted as an E-Officer (supplementary officer) to Major. His seniority was dated to the 1st of July 1933.
Erdmann retired from the service on 31-01-1920 and entered the Police Service with the Protection Police in Hamburg as a Police Hauptmann, age 31. From April 1935 he was District Economics Officer with Economics Inspection VI in Münster, until 22-11-1937.
As from 07-05-1942, all armaments inspections were no longer subject to the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht, but to the Reich Ministry of Armaments and Munitions under Albert Speer.  As a Generalmajor (since 01-01-1943) Erdmann was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit on 24-06-1944 with swords. On 15-04-1945, he was taken prisoner of war, from which he was released on 31-03-1947 again.
Kurt Erdmann was married and the father of two sons, both of whom had died as officers on the Eastern Front in 1944.

Death and burial ground of Erdmann, Kurt.

Kurt Erdmann lived in Münster where he at the age of 78 died on 10-11-1966. He is buried on the Waldfriedhof Lauheide in Münster and his close neighbours there are the General der Infanterie, Commanding General of the LXX Army Corps, Hermann Tittel, General der Panzertruppe, Commanding General of Panzer Corps “Grossdeutschland” , Georg Jauer, General der Wehrmacht, Military Replacement Inspector of Münster, Georg von Knesebeck
    and on the war grave section General der Infanterie, Kommandeur Wehrkreis VI, Gerhard Glokke


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