Tittel, Hermann Karl Richard Eugen.

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Tittel, Hermann Karl Richard Eugen, born 12-11-1888 in Wallendorf, the son of the glass factory owner Hilmar Tittel and his wife Johanna, born Hölterhoff. On 11-03-1911, Leutnant Tittel married his fiancée Louisa Krauser in Darmstadt, and the marriage resulted in a son and two daughters. After the death of his first wife, he married a second time on 18-12-1944, his wife was Anneliese, born Cordes. Tittel entered the Army Service, age 19,  on 27-02-1908 as a Fahnenjunker. He came to the Brandenburgisches Fußartillerie-Regiment „General-Feldzeugmeister“ Nr. 3 . After finishing the war school in Anklam, he on 19-08-1909 was promoted to Leutnant.  He married Liesel Kranfser in the spring of 1911 and from 01-10-1912 he was ordered to the Militärtechnischen Akademie . On 01-10-1913 assigned as Regiment Adjutant of his Brandenburgisches Fußartillerie-Regiment „General-Feldzeugmeister“ Nr. 3 . He was in the fields of the first war with his Regiment and received the Iron Cross second class end October 1914. From 27-01-1915 promoted to the Staff with the General der Fußartillerie 4. He received the Iron Cross first class in the spring of 1916 and promoted now to Hauptmann. He ended the war in the Staff of the VII Army Corps and accepted as a Hauptmann in the new 100.000 men Reichswehr . With the outbreak of World War II he as an Oberst was the commander of the 69th Infantry Division and on the Western front. In July 1944 the 69th Infantry Division  was transferred south to Army Group Centre, under Field Marshal Walter Model
which was reeling from repeated Soviet assaults. Falling back to Memel and then evacuated to East Prussia, by the beginning of 1945 the division was one of four defending the besieged city of Königsberg. Subjected to intense aerial bombing and artillery assault, the surviving members of the unit surrendered to the Red Army shortly after the city fell on 09-04-1945. Promoted to Generalmajor on 01-10-1939 and involved in Operation Weserübung, the attack on Norway, where he was awarded with the ribbons of the Iron Crosses. He temporary was an occupation Force in Norway with his division and on 01-09-1941 promoted to Generalleutnant. He lost his command of the 69th to Generalleutnant Bruno Ortner  and he temporary replaced the, with sick leave, commander Generalmajor Kurt Dittmar    of the 169th Infantry Division  in Lappland. Dittmar died age 68 on 26-04-195 in Stadtoldendorf. General Ortner born shortly after Adolf Hitler   in 1889 survived the war and died old age 82 in 1971. General Dittmar, Dittmar was held in U.S and later in British captivity until May 1948 and he died 26-04-1959 (aged 68) in Stadtoldendorf.
Tittel was appointed as commander of this division on 11-10-1941 and transferred to Russia for the battles in the North of Russia. He lost this command again in the summer of 1943 and immediately  assigned as commander of the LXX Army Corps. His headquarters was in Lillestrom east of Oslo and he became a General der Infanterie on 01-09-1943 at the same time commanding General of the LXX Army Corps. His Army Corps was put into action in the south of Norway. As his first wife Liesel Kranfser died he remarried and received the German Cross in Gold on 09-03-1945. He led his Army Corps till the end of the war and surrendered.

Death and burial ground of Tittel, Hermann Karl Richard Eugen.

He was released from captivity  in the spring of 1948 and retiring in Münster he at the age of 70 died on 22-08-1959. Hermann Tittel is buried on the Waldfriedhof of Lauheide but his gravestone is alas removed and the spot neglected seriously. His neighbour there is the General of the Artillerie, Commanding General of Panzer Corps “Grossdeutschland” Georg Jauer
   . Some further the graves of General,  Chief of Staff of the Ruhr Staff, Hans Erdmann, and General der Wehrmacht, Military Replacement Inspector of Münster, George von dem Knesebeck. On the war grave section is buried General der Panzertruppe, Kommandeur Wehrkreis VIGerhard Glokke.


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