Eimler, Robert.

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Eimler, Robert

Eimler, Robert, born 06-01-1891, in Helbra, Mansfelder Seekreis, joined the Army as a volunteer in the 4th Pioneer Battalion and on the Western Front during the first war. He was wounded  in hospital from 13-07-1916 until 20-07-1916. Eimler remained in the new Reichswehr   and at the beginning of World War II he was Oberstleutnant in the Staff of Senior Construction Staff I, until 11-10-1939.

He was following commander of Fortress Pioneer Staff 14 and Staff 17, until 19-08-1943. Assigned to Higher Pioneer Leader 17, to 18-08-1944. Commandant of Fortifications in the Eifel to 15-10-1944 and landed in the Führer Reserve, until 20-11-1944.

Eimler was promoted in August 1944 commander of the fortifications in the Eifel and three months later to Generalmajor. On 15-04-1945 he was taken prisoner of war, from which he was released on 05-06-1947, age 56.. His son is a retired General of the Luftwaffe Eberhard Eimler.

Eberhard Eimler, in the middle, was born in 1930 as the son of the captain of the pioneers Robert Eimler, later Generalmajor. In 1944, he was drafted into the Volkssturm in East Prussia, where he grew up. In 1948 Eimler completed his education at Stephaneum Aschersleben (today Saxony-Anhalt) with the Abitur. He then completed an apprenticeship as an electrician in his native Ulm. He then studied electrical engineering at the TH Stuttgart, which he completed as an electrical engineer. During his studies he worked as manager of the Ulm branch of the American Express Company.

In May 1956 Eberhard Eimler entered the service of the Luftwaffe and completed there a pilot training. Already in April 1957 he was a leutnant himself flight instructor at the pilot school “B” in Fürstenfeldbruck. Later he became a Generalmajor.

Death and burial ground of Eimler, Robert.

   Eimler became Commander of Fortress Pioneer Command XXI, until his US captivity on 15-04-1945. Released on 05-06-1947, he lived in Ulm, where he at the age of 68 died, on 03-02-1960.Generalmajor Eimler is buried on the the Neuen Friedhof of Ulm, close to the graves of the WWII Generals Oskar Audörsch Audörsch, Oskar  and Johannes Freye


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