Audörsch, Oskar.

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Audörsch, Oskar
Audörsch, Oskar, born 27-02-1898 in Colbiehen, East Prussia, entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker in the Infantry Regiment 129, where he after a Fahnenjunker education, from 09-02-1917 until 30-06-1917 in Döberitz, on 20-11-1917, is promoted to Leutnant. He didn’t participated in World War I and joined on 18-12-1919 the Freikorps “Haase”. Hugo Haase (29-09-1863 – 07-11-1919), age 56, was a German socialist politician, jurist and pacifist. With Friedrich Ebert , he co-chaired of the Council of the People’s Deputies after the German Revolution of 1918–19. Leader of the Freikorps “Haase”. Friedrich Ebert died 28-02-1925, age 54,  in Berlin, Weimar Republic.
On 26-08-1940, Audörsch gets the command of the Schützen-Regiment 394. He is in the Führer Reserve OKH  (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know), from 10-07-1944 and follows a Divisions Commander course with promotion to Generalmajor, on 18-08-1944 he takes the command of the 25th Panzer Division File:25th Panzer Division Logo.jpg until the end of the war. He succeeded Generalmajor Oswin Grolig   who died in an accident on 18-08-1944, age 50. Audörsch is captured, on 08-05-1945, by the American Forces and transferred to Russia. Oskar Audörsch is first released on 09-10-1955 from the Soviet imprisonment after intervention of the new Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer


Death and burial ground of Audörsch, Oskar.

After his “freedom” Audörsch lived in Ulm and on 05-06-1991, at the very old age of 91, he died there. He is buried with his wife Elley, born Doepke, who died old age 89, on 27-06-1987, on the Neuen Friedhof in Ulm, close by the graves of Flyer Ace, Staffelkapitän, died 29-01-1944 Wilhelm “Willi” Kientsch    and Generalmajor of the Pioniere, Kommandeur der XXI Heeresgruppe, died 03-02-1960 Robert Eimler

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