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Fabiuncke, Karl, born 05-06-1893 Goerchen, Rawitsch, entered the Army Service on 20-04-1911, age 17, as a volunteer at the Unteroffiziers School in Ettlingen. He was in the fields of the first war with the 5th Foot Artillery Regiment. Fabiunke was also allowed in the new Reichswehr and begins World War II as commander of the 74th Panzer Artillery Regiment. He then is detached to Army Group Centre for employment as a Divisional Leader, until 25-09-1943. Commander of the 129th Infantry Division File:129th Infanterie Division Logo.svg, he succeeded General der Nachrichtentruppe, Albert Praun with heavy battles in Russia. Praun died age 80, on 03-03-1975, in Munich. In January 1944, the division was still fighting near Narew, in Rózan, but was soon forced to retreat. The 129th Infantry Division was eventually destroyed in East Prussia and disbanded around February. The surviving elements were transferred into the 4th Army File:Deut.4.Armee-Abzeichen1941.png under General der Infanterie, Oberbefehlhaber 4th Heeresgruppe, Friedrich Hossbach  and fought in the last battles in East Prussia. Fabiunke lost his command and landed in the Führer Reserve, from 01-02-1944 until 22-03-1944. His successor was Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Heribert von Larisch,   Larisch born into an aristocratic family , was arrested by American troops on 15-06-1945. He was held in captivity for almost two years before his release on 01-07-1947. Larisch died on 16-05-1972, age 57, in Hamburg. It must though be noted that 20-03-1952, though rather implausible, can be often seen as his date of death. A new command of Artillery 144 commander until 28-08-1944, as Fabiunke landed wounded  in hospital, to 01-09-1944. Again in the infamous Reserve (see Adolf Hitler)  (did you know) and in captivity on 08-05-1945.

Death and burial ground of Fabiuncke, Karl.

Karl Fabiunke was released from Island Farm prison on 25-06-1947 and lived in Wohltorf, where he at the old age of 87 died, on 30-12-1980. Generalmajor Karl Fabiunke is buried with his wife Senta, born Schröter, who died age 50, in 1954, on the small cemetery of Wohltorf.


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