Cabanis, Hans.

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Cabanis, Hans, born 16-05-1886 in Berlin , Gauleiter Josef Goebbels (did you know), entered the Army Service as a Fahnenjunker in the 6th Dragoon Regiment , on 03-03-1904, 18 years old. Detached to the war academy from 01-10-1912 and promoted to Oberleutnant on 18-02-1913. Hans was on the battlefield throughout the first war, ended as leader of Staging Inspection, meanwhile a Hauptmann and was retired on 30-09-1920. Cabanis was reactivated in the growing Reichswehr, on 01-05-1934 and from 01-07-1935 as director of the Staff of Military Replacement Inspection in in Berlin to 01-11-1939, now a Oberstleutnant. With the outbreak of World War II he was the Chief Supply Officer in the General Staff of the XXI Replacement Army Corps. As Chief of the General Staff of Special Purpose High Command XXXIV, he landed in the Führer Reserve , from 14-03-1941 until 01-01-1942, meanwhile promoted to Oberstleutnant. Again Chief of the General Staff of the Replacement Army Corps XXI, he landed, a Generalmajor, from 01-01-1943, not useful for Adolf Hitler’s (did you know) warfare, in the infamous Führer Reserve, from 08-11-1943 to 15-08-1944, almost one year. Cabanis was assigned to Wehrmacht Commander of Magdeburg and used for Special Task with the Land Fortifications, until his captivity on 02-05-1945. Magdeburg would be the last burial place for Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun (Braun parents),  the Goebbels couple Magda and their six children
  and General der Infanterie, Chief of the Army General Staff (OKH), Hans Krebs who’s remains were taken, from the Berlin bunker garden, to the last headquarter of the Russian Smersch,  in the Westendstrasse, in Magdeburg, there cremated and scattered from the Schweinebrücke, ironical the Pig Bridge, over the river Ehle. . Magda’s first child Harald, born Harald Quandt
  a Fallschirm battalion Leutnant, survived the war and died in a air crash, age 45, on 22-09-1967 in Italy. Cabanis’s son Oberleutnant Hans Stephan, with the 11. / Infanterie-Regiment 511, was killed age 24, on 01-10-1942, during Operation Herbstwind..

Death and burial ground of Cabanis, Hans.

After his release on 22-11-1947 he lived in Bebenhausen where he died, at the age of 78, on 18-08-1964. Not a spectacular General, he is buried with his wife Hertha, born Berg, who died the very old age of 102, on 05-08-1993, on the small cemetery of Bebenhausen.

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