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Stimson, Henry Lewis, born 21-09-1867 in New York City. After attending Phillips Andover Academy he graduated from Yale University in 1888. He also studied at Harvard Law School before becoming a lawyer. In 1906 Theodore Roosevelt

  appointed him as a US District Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He also served as Secretary of War under President William Taft (1911-13).

463px-William_Howard_Taft   A member of the New York National Guard (1898-1907) Stimson served in the United States Army in the First World War. Stimson served as a lieutenant colonel in France before being promoted to command the 31st Field Artillery. A member of the Republican Party, Stimson was appointed by Calvin Coolidge as Governor of General of the Philippines and served as Secretary of State under Herbert Hoover. Stimson, here with Georg Catlet Marschall, public office when the Democratic Party candidate,  Franklin D. Roosevelt, was elected president in 1933. Stimson wrote extensively about foreign affairs and books published by him include American Policy in Nicaragua (1927), Democracy and Nationalism in Europe (1934) and The Far East Crisis (1936). On the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939, Stimson was an outspoken advocate of support for the Allies against Nazi Germany. In an attempt to gain political unity for his policies Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Stimson, a prominent member of the Republican Party, as Secretary of War in his Democratic Party administration.

Death and burial ground of Stimson, Henry Lewis.

Henry_L._Stimson   Stimson died old age 83, on 20-10-1950 and is buried on the Memorial Cemetery of St. John, Oyster Bay New York.


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