Lamey, Hubertus “Hubert”.

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Lamey, Hubertus “Hubert”, born 30-10-1896 in Mannheim, son of August Lamey, II and Jane, born Pilger, Lamey, She died 27-07-1927, age 57 in Mannheim. He entered the Army Service on 01-10-1915, age 19, as a Fahnenjunker in the 110th Grenadier Regiment. He was in the fields of the first war, as Leutnant, with the 40th Field Reserve Infantry Regiment and after the war remained in the new German Reichswehr . At the beginning of World War II he was an Oberst and Chief of Staff with the 27th Infantry Division, until 15-10-1939, under General der Panzertruppe, Fridolin Senger von Etterlin  . The 27th Panzer Division  was an incomplete armoured (Panzer) division of the German Wehrmacht during World War II. It began forming in the southern sector of the Eastern Front in late 1942, but was never completed due to the loss of its assets during the Soviet counteroffensives in the Battle of Stalingrad , and no further attempts were made to reconstitute the division. Lamey was appointed as Senior Quartermaster of the 7th Army  under command of Generaloberst Friedrich Dollmann   to 01-08-1942 and commander of the 328th Grenadier Regiment, until 01-11-1943. He was successively temporary delegated with the leadership of the 21st Infantry Division   to 01-12-1943 he succeeded General der Infanterie, Gerhard Matzky   and he himself was succeeded by Generalleutnant der Pioniere, Franz Sensfuss    Then commander of the 28th Jäger Division  until 14-01-1944 where he succeeded General der Infanterie, Karl Friedrich “Fritz” Wilhelm Schulz  

Death and burial ground of Lamey, Hubertus “Hubert”

  General Matzky died old age 89, on 09-06-1983, in Bad Godesberg. Franz Sensfuss died age 84 on 11-03-1976, in Herppenheim and Karl Friedrich Schulz died age 79, on 30-11-1976 in Freudenstadt. Then Lamey was detached to the 9th Division  Leaders Course in Hirschberg, to 25-02-1944 as he had a skiing accident and in hospital until Mai 1944. His last command was of the 118th Jäger Division  where he succeeded Generalleutnant der Gebirgstruppe, Commander of the 1st Mountain Division Josef Kübler  and landed in Allied captivity in Mai 1945. The 1st Mountain Division was created on 09-04-1938 in Garmisch Partenkirchen from the Mountain Brigade  which was itself formed on 01-06-1935. The division consisted mainly of Bavaria and some Austrians. Released on 30-10-1947 Lamey retired in Augsburg, where he at the old age of 84 died, on 07-04-1981. Lamey is buried with his wife second  Elisabeth, who died old age 90, on 16-07-1987, on the Cemetery Neuer Ost, in Augsburg.


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