Burchardi, Theodor.

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Burchardi, Theodor, born on 14-05-1892 in Homberg, was an Admiral with the Kriegsmarine during World War II and recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves . Theodor is noted for his organizational achievement in the evacuation of 2 million people from Courdland and Eastern Prussia at the end of World War II in Operation Hannibal and the Evacuation of East Prussia. Operation Hannibal, ordered by Gross Admiral Karl Dönitz  was a German naval operation involving the evacuation by sea of German troops and civilians from Courland, East Prussia, and the Polish Corridor from mid-January to May 1945 as the Red Army advanced during the East Prussian and East Pomeranian Offensives and subsidiary operations. He was thus responsible for organising the evacuation of 2 million people  Burchardi entered the Kriegsmarine  as a sea cadet and attended the basic training on board of the heavy cruiser Hansa on 01-04-1911, age 18. Burhardi participated in World War I in the Navy and remained in the new Reichswehr . With the outbreak of World War II he was the commander of the cruiser, Cologne. From 15-05-1940 assigned to Chief of the Central Department of the Kriegsmarine Shipyard in Kiel. He got the Naval Command D and following the Admiral of Eastern Territories until 16-06-1944. His last command was as Admiral of the Eastern Baltic Sea, until 18-04-1945 and lands in Allied captivity to his release on 24-02-1946. High decorated, he lived in Glücksburg, where he died at the very old age of 91, on 12-08-1983. Albert Speer
  ( Margerete Speer  was shaving himself in his castle and his headquarter in Glücksburg
as he was arrested by the British.

Death and burial ground of Burchardi, Theodor.

   Burchardi is buried with his wife Hildegard, born Blok, who died very old age 92 on 21-05-1990 on the cemetery of Glücksburg, only steps of the grave of Fleet Admiral, Karlheinz Vorsteher

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