Barnett, Allison Joseph.

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Barnett, Allison Joseph, born 02-04-1892 in Kentucky, when he was 15, enlisted as a buck private in the Kentucky National Guard. Six years later, in 1913, he was discharged a sergeant. He had a broad military career. When the first World War began, he reenlisted and was commissioned a captain in the 3rd Kentucky Infantry. After three years of service, he went into the regular Army as a lieutenant; that in 1920. In France he was an infantry company commander and held various divisional staff posts. In the States he served at the Field Artillery School and with the Department of Experiment at the Infantry School at Fort Benning. After two years in the Philippines he came back to graduate from the Command and General Staff School and the Air Corps Tactical School from December 1940 until August 1941. In mid-’41 he was assigned to the Army Air Force and became the Chief of Staff with the Western Defense Command  under, General Lieutenant, John Lesesne De Witt. With the outbreak of WWII he returned to the Infantry assigned from July 1942 until 1944, as assistant Commanding General with the 93rd Division, nickname “the Blue Helmets”  under Major General Charles P. Hall. Division which later fought at Bouganville in the Pacific. Total casualties from all regiments were 3.167 (killed-in-action 523; wounded-in-action 2.644). Just a year after Pearl Harbor he was sent to Noumea in New Caledonia as Chief of Staff of all Army forces in the South Pacific. There he served until he took over the 70th command at Leonard Wood in 1944. After combat he became CG of the 94th Division in Czechoslovakia and brought that outfit back to the States early in ’46. He served with the First Army as its G-2, first at Fort Bragg and then at Governor’s Island in New York Harbor. After suffering a massive heart attack, he died November 07-11-1970. He as Major General from 15-01-1944, became the Chief of Staff with the Forces South Pacific Area in 1944, under Vice Admiral, William “Bull” Halsey Jr. Allison was assigned from July 1944 as the Commanding General of the 70th Division, nicknamed “Trailblazers”  in North West Europe, he succeeded, John Ernest Dahlquist
  . 70th Division was 83 days in combat and had killed 605, wounded 2.674, missing 666, captured 21, battle casualties 3.966, non-battle casualties 4.235, total casualties 8.201. From 01-08-1945 Barnett was assigned as Commanding General of the 94th Division  in North West Europe in Czechoslovakia, 209 days in combat, casualties 6.533 and received, 1 Medal of Honor, 54 Distinguished Service Crosses, 2 Distinguished Service Medals, 510 Silver Stars, 10 Legions of Merit, 12 Soldier’s Medals, 2.792 Bronze Star Medals and 66 Air Medals. He served with the First Army as its G-2, first at Fort Bragg and then at Governor’s Island in New York Harbor.

Death and burial ground of Barnett, Allison Joseph.

    Major General Allison Joseph Barnett retired from the Service on 31-10-1947. After suffering a massive heart attack, living in Bexar, Texas,Barnett died at the age 79, on 07-10-1971 and is buried with his wife Mary Elisabeth, who died age 74, in 1979, on Ford Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, Section 2B.

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