Bodecker, Karl-Adolf.

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Bodecker, Karl-Adolf
Bodecker, Karl-Adolf, born on 27-08-1896 in Peine, the son of Adolf von Bodecker and Elisabeth SippHusband of Elisabeth von Wolffersdorff and Charlotte Deckart, entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker in the 5th Dragon Regiment, on 24-04-1914, age 17. He participated in World War I and he was fighting in the famous region of Ieper 800px-Canadiens-tranchées and later sent a letter to Belgium friends. He was very surprised, he wrote, by the kindness of the people in Ieper, who had no objections to accept the German money from the occupying warriors. He ended the war in the 11th Cavalry Regiment, as a Oberleutenant. He retired from the Army Service on 30-09-1920 but reactivated in the new Reichswehr  on 01-06-1923. He climbed up the ranks to Oberst on 01-08-1939 with the command of the 59th Motorized Pioneer Battalion at the beginning of World War II. He hold this command until 10-03-1941 and as an Adjutant and Chief Personnel Officer IIa in the General Staff of the XXXXVII Panzer Corps, under General der Panzertruppe, Heinrich Eberbach
  to 10-03-1942, now a Generalmajor. Then Chief of Operations Ia in the Staff of the General of Pioneers of Army Group Centre, under Generalmajor der Infanterie, Hubertus-Maria Ritter von Heigl  to 01-03-1943. Heigl died old age 87, on 24-01-1985, in Munich. Assigned as Army Pioneer Leader of the 7th Army Pioneers Regiment on 01-03-1943. Higher Panzer Pioneer Officer with the Chief of Army Armaments and Commander of the Replacements Army to 08-05-1945. In Allied captivity from 08-05-1945, until 12-03-1946 and released.
After the war he lived in Bad Pyrmont, the same town as fellow Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur 25th Heeresgruppe, Georg Bertram.  

Death and burial ground of Bodecker, Karl-Adolf.

  Von Bodecker was married with Charlotte Deckart and had one daughter Linda Powers (von Bodecker). Charlotte Deckart died 08-03-1946, age 39, in Lippspringe. Virginia Linda born in Hanover died 01-08- 2009, age 78 in  Fluvanna County , Virginia, USA. Karl Adolf von Bodecker died, at the old age of 87, on 28-09-1983, in Bad Pyrmont. He is buried on the cemetery at the Lortzingerstrasse in Bad Pyrmont and on the Ehrenfriedhof, section of honor, is buried Generalleutnant Georg Bertram.

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