Bertram, Georg

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Bertram, Georg, born on 31-08-1882 in Danzig, entered the Army Service as a Fähnrich, in the 6th Dragoon Regiment, on 17-05-1902, age 19. He participated in World War I in different Infantry Divisions, until he retired from the Army Service, on 09-04-1920. He was in different Police Departments and at the beginning of World War II, he was General for Special Duties of the Reichswehr War Court. Bertram is with the Military Staff of the Command of Belgium and North France, in 1942 and later the German Governor of Liège in Belgium. At the end of the war, he is commander of the Rear Army Area of the 25th Army, until the end of the war and in Dutch captivity. Transferred to Belgium, were accused of war crimes in the “Falkenhausen Case” Nikolaus von Falkenhausen    Giving authorisation for the execution of hostages as reprisals and the deportation of Jews and Belgian workers, is the charge. Bertram, not a sympatic guy, was in prison, until he was released on 07-03-1950. Two sons of Bertram were killed in Russia, Hans, age 21, in 1942 and Leutnant Eberhard, age 19, in 1943. Living in Bad Pyrmont, the same town as where Generalmajor der Kavallerie, Höhere Panzer-Pionier-Důstojník u Ersatz-Armee lived,

Death and burial ground of Bertram, Georg.

Georg Bertram passed away at the age of 71, on 27-10-1953 and is buried with his wife Hildegard, born Neumann, who died old age 92 in 1989, on the cemetery Lotzingerstrasse in Bad Pyrmont.


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