Block, Lothar von.

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Block, Lothar von, born on 21-05-1889 in Lübben, just one month after Adolf Hitler (did you know), entered the Army as a Fahnenjunker in the Guards Fusilier Regiment on 27-02-1909, 19 years old. Block was a front warrior during World War I
and as Ordinace Officer in the Staff of the 261thReserve Infantry Regiment he two times was wounded in hospital. Transferred to the Replaced Battalion of the 261th IR as an Oberleutnant, he ends the war. He remained in the new 10 divisions, Reichswehr, promoted to Hauptmann on 01-04-1922, Major on 01-12-1932, Oberstleutnant on 01-07-1935 and Oberst on 01-01-1938. With the beginning of World War II, he is commander of the 123rd Border Infantry Regiment. Temporary in the infamous Führer Reserve till 01-06-1940. He became a Generalmajor on 01-02-1942, age 52. Not a spectacular General he became the commander of the POW’s in the military District IV and later XVIII until 07-05-1945. Von Block came in U.S captivity and was released on 31-03-1947.
Lothar was married to Freiin Luise Mathilde von Wolfframsdorff and later with Christa-Ria von Block, born Nostitz-Wallwitz, He was the father of Irmgard von Block; Eberhardt von Block; Gabriele von Block and Elisabeth von Block.

Death and burial ground of Block, Lothar von.

 He lived in Bad Godesberg after the war with fellow Generalmajor der Infanterie, as Hans von Hanstein

  , Generalmajor der Luftnachrichtentruppe, Kommandeur Wehrmacht in Holland, Heinrich Claes
   General der Flieger, Department Chief of the Air Ministry, Hans Georg von Seidel and the famous defender of Fortress Königsberg  , General der Infanterie, Otto Lasch. Major General Lothar von Block died, at the age of 77, on 03-03-1967. He, with his wife Christa, born Nostitz-Wallwitz, who died in 2000, and his fellow Generals are buried on the Zentral Cemetery of Bonn, Bad Godesberg.

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