Tschoeltsch, Ehrenfried.

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Tschoeltsch, Ehrenfried, born 04-03-1893 in Greifswald, Pommern, volunteered as a Fahnenjunker in the Königlich Sächsische Army , on 11-08-1914, age 21, at the beginning of the first war. As son of a factory owner Ehrenfried joined the 9th Regiment nr 133 and on 15-05-1915 promoted to Leutnant and Company leader. He was wounded in battle in WWI and four months in a hospital. He started a pilot training and came to the 2nd Squadron, in Schneidemühl, as an observer. In 1917 he landed in Russian captivity as he had to land behind the enemy’s front line. He received both the Iron Crosses  and the Königlich Sächsischen Militär St. Heinrichs-Decoration . Tschoeltsch was allowed in the new Reichswehr too. On 01-08-1937 he was transferred to the Reichsluftfahrtministerium RLM  in Berlin and promoted to Oberstleutnant. With the beginning of World War II. In 1941 he published the work “The Service Lessons in the Air Force” in the “Luftwaffe Handbooks” series published by Mittler, As an Oberst he had the command of the 62nd Flyer Training’s Regiment. The regiment was set up in Quedlinburg on 01-04-1939 and renamed Flieger-Regiment 62 in November 1941. In 1941 it was moved to Blois in western France. In December 1942 it was dissolved and used to establish the 9th Air Force Field Division under command of General Hans Erdmann. Hand Erdmann survived the war and died age 96 on 23-04-1991 in Duisburg.
Tschoeltsch mid January 1941 was appointed as commander of the Aspirant Officers School of the Luftwaffe and had this job for three years, with the rank of Generalmajor. Mid February 1944 he became Inspector of Military Education for Generals Flying Training. He landed in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler)  (did you know) on 01-09-1944. Hitler and Eva Braun‘s
   ashes were scattered from the Schweinebrücke over the river Ehle in Biederitz.
A new command was as Chief of the Operational Staff of the Air Fleet Reich.

Death and burial ground of Tschoeltsch, Ehrenfried

    In Mai 1945 Ehrefried was captured by the Allied and released in July 1947. He worked in a chemical factory, lost his job 01-04-1951, was inactive and dependent on a benefit. Living in Hanover, Ehrenfried Tschoeltsch died at the old age of 86, on 08-08-1979 and is buried on the cemetery of Bothfeld, a suburb of Hanover.

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