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Becht, Ernst, born 24-05-1895 in Dieze, Lorraine, joined the Army Service on 12-03-1913. He became a Fahnenjunker in the 3rd Railway Regiment until 02-08-1914 and detached as a Leutnant to the War School in Potsdam . He participates in World War I with the 19rd  Railway Construction Company to 26-08-1915 and transferred to the 22nd Railway Construction Company until 24-01-1917 as an Oberleutnant. He ends the war with the General Government Belgium and is allowed to stay in the new Reichswehr  in between the both wars and with the outbreak of World War II, he is the Office Group Chief of OKW, until 01-03-1943. Promoted to Oberst on 01-06-1939 and a Generalmajor on 01-04-1942. Assigned as Chief of the Military Economics Staff Inland & Occupied Areas to 01-08-1943. Becht lands in the Führer Reserve  (see Adolf Hitler) (see William Hitler), until 25-03-1944 and appointed as the Chief of the Military Economics Staff West to 01-08-1944 and then detached to the delegation for the Four Years Plan, with  (see did you know) Hermann Goering (see Goering Peter) . The Four Year Plan was a series of economic reforms created by the Nazi Party. The main aim of the Four Year Plan was to prepare Germany for self-sufficiency in four years. The Four Year Plan sought to reduce unemployment; increase synthetic fibre production; undertake public works projects under the direction of Fritz Todt,  Minister for armament and munitions. Leader of the Organisation “Todt”.
     increased automobile production; initiate numerous building and architectural projects; and further develop the Autobahn system. The plan also emphasized building up the nation’s military defenses, in direct violation of the terms set by the Allies of World War I at the Treaty of Versailles. Not a battlefield General, he is in US captivity from 26-04-1945 until February 1948.

Death and burial ground of Becht, Ernst.

Released he lived in Idar Oberstein in Bavaria and at the young age of 64, he died, on 01-09-1951. Generalmajor of the Pioneers, Ernst Becht is buried, with his wife Marie, born Wild, who died old age 84, in 1983, on the cemetery of Idar Oberstein, at the Tiefensteiner Strasse.


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