Voigtberger, Heinrich Paul Hermann.

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Heinrich Voigtsberger, born 10-02-1903 in Untermhaus, Thüringen, to Paul Voigtsberger, Kaufmann (+ 28-12-1932) and mother Anna Voigtsberger, born Golde, entered the Army on 01-10-1922 as an aspirant officer in the II. Battalion of the Infanterie-Regiments 15, under Oberst Friedrich Kumme. He was promoted to Leutnant on 01-12-1926 and in 1930 to Oberleutnant. In 1935 he became a Hauptmann Chief of the 1st Kompanie in the 2nd Machine Gun Battalion in the West. On 01-12-1939 he was assigned as Kommandeur of the 2nd Machine Gun-Battalions and with this Battalion on the Western Front. On 01-08-1940 promoted to Major, he with his Battalion was transferred to Africa, under Marshal Erwin Rommel
  , at the beginning of 1941. In the Summer of 1941 he was seriously wounded in Cyrenaika . He was awarded with the Ritterkreuz, on 09-07-1942, for his bravery leading in the battles around , Marsa el Brega. Battle of Brega (1941), part of the Western Desert Campaign of World War II. After his recover he on 14-05-1942 was assigned with the command of the 60th Infantry Regiment, he succeeded Generalleutnant derr Infanterie, Fritz Becker
  and on 01-10-1942 he became an Oberstleutnant. On 30-05-1942, he married Edda Dorfner, and they had one son in 1943 and one daughter in 1944. Already on 01-08-1943 he was an Oberst and from 23-06-1943 with the command of the 60th Panzergrenadier-Regiment. For the performances of his regiment in the battle for Dnjepr-Brückenkopfes Saporoshje,  he on 09-12-1943 received the Oak Leaves of the Iron Cross . From 1944 he led his Regiment in the retreating battles near Odessa, Ingul and Kriwoi Rog. Transferred to France he was fighting in the invasion of the Allied in Normandy
. In January 1945 he handed over the command of his regiment and took over the command of the 309th Infantry Regiment in the East. From 01-02-1945 he was commander der Infanterie Division “Berlin”, until 01-04-1945 and promoted on 01-04-1945 to Generalmajor. The Infanterie-Division Berlin was formed on 07-02-1945 by the redesignation of 309th Infanterie-Division and was destroyed at Küstrin in April 1945. Voigtberger in Mai 1945 was captured by the British Forces and first released in 1947.

Death and burial ground of Voigtberger, Heinrich Paul Hermann.

Voigtberger, Heinrich Paul Hermann Living in Starnberg after the war, he at the age of 56 died, on 17-03-1959 and is buried with his wife Charlotte, who died old age 94, in 1993, on the Stadtfriedhof of Starnberg and only steps of the grave of Generalleutnant der Infanterie, commander of the Infantry Division “Ulrich von Hutten , Gerhard EngelEngel, Gerhard Michael  one of Hitler’s former adjutants.

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