Bausewein, Alfred

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Bausewein, Alfred, born in Kempten on 02-03-1880, was a Generalarzt in the Wehrmacht, during World War II. After the war he lived in his hometown Kempten in the South of Germany, the same place as Major General der Artillerie, August Hagl
   , he was the Kampfkommandeur of Bayreuth.

Death and burial ground of Bausewein, Alfred.

His son Alfred, born 07-02-1922 in Heide, a Fahnenjunker died at the end of the war, age 23, on 06-07-1945. Bausewein died on 17-07-1964, at the age of 81, in Kempten and is buried with his wife Maria, born Molo, close to the grave of Generalmajor der Infanterie, Kampfkommandant of Bayreuth, August Hagl, on the Alten Katholischen Friedhof in Kempten, Bavaria.

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