Wendtländt, Walter.

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Wendtländt, Walter, born 01-08-1884 in Herford, five years before Adolf Hitler (did you know) was born, was a Generalartz in the Kriegsmarine , during World War II. German army war casualties were between 3.25 million and 5.3 million soldiers, and between 1 and 3 million German civilians were killed.

Death and burial ground of Wendtländt, Walter.

Wendtländt went back to his hometown after the war, died at the age of 72, on 27-11-1956 and is buried with his wife Erna, born Schorling, who died age 76, on 12-04-1964, on the cemetery Hermannstrasse in Herford, only steps away the grave of WWII Generalmajor der Flieger, 18th Luftwaffe Feld Division 651Fritz Reinhagen
    and on the cemetery Ewiger Frieden, Peace for Ever, in Herford, are the graves of the General der Infanterie, Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber Dänemark, Hermann von Hanneken and Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur 466th Infanterie Division, Friedrich Karst.

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