Baur de Betaz, Wilhelm.

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Baur de Betaz, Wilhelm, born 17-02-1883 in Metz, France Originally called Wilhelm Bauer. He changed his name on 17-05-1920 to Wilhelm Bauer de Betaz. His grandfather was the theologian and folk writer Friedrich Wilhelm Baur.   who died age 71 on 18-4-1897 in Koblenz . Baur de Betaz-04-erved in the 61st Artillery Regiment, from 1903 until 1914.
With the outbreak of the First World War, he served until 18-06-1915 in field aviation department 27 of the air force. During this time he was promoted to Hauptmann on 08-11-1914. From 19-06-1915 to 22-12-1915 he headed the military aviation school in Nieder Neuendorf and from 23-12-1915 to 02-08-1916 the artillery observation schools in Jüterbog and Groß-Auz. Baur was then until 11-09-1917 commander of the Württemberg Aviation Department 242 (artillery), which the XV. Corps was assigned to the Ottoman Armed Forces. From 12-09-1917 to 0-04-1918 he commanded Aviation Division 275 (artillery) and was then Head of Air Group 23 until January 23. Until 04–02-1919 he was briefly the commander of the aircraft in the command of the XI. Army corps..
He was awarded the Iron Cross . He left the Army on 09-04-1920 being the leader of the Inspection der Fliegertruppe, as a Major. On 17-05-1920 he changed his name from Wilhelm Baur in Wilhelm Baur de Betaz. Short before the beginning of World War II, he entranced in the Army on, 01-08-1939, in the rank of Oberst. Wilhelm Baur de Betaz was appointed Chief of Staff of the Higher Flying-Training-Commander. Baur was promoted to the rank of Hermann Goering ‘s
  (did you know) Luftwaffe, Generalleutnant, on July 1941. Until 1942 he was busy on in the Reichsluftfahrtministeriums, Luftwaffe Headquarters.
   In 1942 he was commanded to the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht. From 1942 until 1944 he was Chef des Wehrwirtschaftsstabdes in Norway. On September 1944, Wilhelm Baur was eventually placed in Führer Reserve Luftwaffe (see Hitler) (did you know), until the end of the war. Baur de Betaz was from 08-05-1945 until 17-05-1948, British prisoner of war. 09-01-1946 transferred to Island Farm Special Camp 11 from Camp 1
   and on 12-05-1948 transferred to Camp 186 for repatriation.

Death and burial ground of Baur de Betaz, Wilhelm

  Living in Lindenfels-Odenwald, Wilhelm Baur de Betaz died in the old age of 81, on 26-05-1964 and is buried on the small village cemetery of Lindefels-Odenwald.

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