Arnim, Hans-Joachim von

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Arnim, Hans-Joachim von

Arnim, Hans Joachim von, born 17-01-1893 in Prenzlau, entered the Marine Service at the age of 18, as a Fähnrich zur See on 27-03-1913. He had his training on the Marine School of Mürwik

   and on the Light Cruiser “Graudenz”  download (1)

He was transferred to the Light Cruiser “Munchen” and then to the “Karlsruhe” until 13-12-1916 as he started a pilot training with the II Seeflieger Department. Appointed as leader of the II. Aufklärungsstaffel der Seeflieger in Borkum from 30-05-1918 and retired from the Marine Service on 21-11-1919 as an Oberleutnant zur See. As civilian he works for Junkers-Luftverkehrs AG  and transferred to Gleiwitz as Flight leader of the Oberschlesischen Luftverkehrs AG.

He joined Goering‘s  new Luftwaffe  on 01-10-1933 as a Hauptmann and von Arnim became, as Major, commander of the Pilot School Sea and Air of Püttnitz in 1938, for three years.  From 01-03-1937 appointed to the Seefliegerhorst-Kommandant in Hörnum, and from 01-04-1938 as Kommandeur der Seeflugschule and also Fliegerhorst-Kommandanten in Püttnitz as Oberst from 01-04-1939. Became commander  of the 16th Flieger Lehr Battalion from 29-01-1941 and later Seefliegerhorst commander in Püttnitz. Transferred from 09-12-1942 now a Generalmajor, with the command of Flughafenbereichskommandos 12/XI in Delmenhorst and at the same time Flughafenbereichskommandant 9/VII.

He landed in the Führer Reserve  Flying Replacement Division from 26-08-1943 and appointed as commander of Flughafenbereichs 2/XII, from 15-10-1944 from Flughafenbereichs 13/VII and again in the Führer Reserve from 24-10-1944  until  26-11-1944 as he lands in the  Reserve der Flieger-Ersatz-Division until his retirement on 28-02-1945. Von Arnim never was a “fighting” General, more a training General.

Death and burial ground of Arnim, Hans-Joachim von.


After the war he lived in Bad Tölz, were some other Generals lived, Generalleutnant Hans Degen,

   a Gebirgstruppen General, who died 08-11-1971 and SS Obergruppenführer Hans Jüttner  a disputed figure, who died 24-05-1965,

Hans Jochen von Arnim died in the age of 79, on 01-04-1972 and is buried with his “comrades” on the Waldfriedhof in Bad Tölz.



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