‘Razzia’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jews are being arrested.


In late June 1942, the Jewish Council  was informed that the Jews would have to work in labour camps in Germany. In Amsterdam, 4,000 summons were sent,  but many of the summoned Jews did not report for work. As a result, the Germans rounded up 700 Jews on 14 July 1942. This group was to be deported to Mauthausen if the Jews that were summoned would not report to work. Following this, more than 900 Jews reported for work. The Germans found this number too small -so Jews who were already in Westerbork (see Anne Frank) and Jews from the Amersfoort camp were added to the first train transport to Eastern Europe.  (see Settela Steinbach)
On 15 and 16 July, the trains with more than 2,000 Jews combined left from Westerbork to Auschwitz. During the fifteen months that followed, the deportation of the Dutch Jews was completed. 
In 1942 and 1943, Jews were taken from their homes throughout the Netherlands during countless large and small razzia’s, assisted by the Dutch police. The final large razzia took place on 29 September 1943 in Amsterdam. After that many Jews in hiding were still deported after they were betrayed.

In Holland 106.000 Jews people didn’t survive the war